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  1. ,,,just Sayin...

    more btw re " fuck 'democracy'... authentic republics are more better...I'm just sayin' " authentic republics are more better...but not by much ...I'm just sayin' quiz: 'democracy' is now code word for '_________' ?
  2. ,,,just Sayin...

    risk and odds and 'nothing to lose' state http://awealthofcommonsense.com/2016/01/calculated-risks-from-the-coach-who-never-punts/
  3. sick orwell?

  4. Error in Analysis Technique

    skivvies, good grief dood, do you have any idea how off topic that post was?
  5. ,,,just Sayin...

    re yellow vests, etc. he's juste dire ... https://www.oftwominds.com/blogdec18/france12-18.html
  6. free dumb

    "...if you want change, you’ve got to form your own solution. ..." https://www.sovereignman.com/trends/what-do-the-paris-riots-and-japans-lack-of-sex-have-in-common-24358/
  7. free dumb

    free dumb weekend reading... https://realinvestmentadvice.com/we-the-people/
  8. ,,,just Sayin...

    I generally don’t like this fucker’s ‘attitude’, but gotta hand it to him here...he nails some just sayin’ https://buchanan.org/blog/how-democracy-is-losing-the-world-130768 btw fuck 'democracy'... authentic republics are more better...I'm just sayin'
  9. sick orwell?

    https://off-guardian.org/2018/12/10/the-eu-and-the-warning-signs-of-fascism/ today ... what's your definition of fascism ?
  10. sick orwell?

    https://www.oftwominds.com/blogdec18/truth-hidden12-18.html and ... on the tech front, would you like to 'invest' in an instant social credit meter ? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-12-05/blade-runner-eye-scanning-lie-detector-may-be-coming-dystopian-future-near-you
  11. sick orwell?

  12. A Trading System

    divy, could you please dumb it down a little bit? that post was way too advanced for TL ... and so salient to the topic too.
  13. sick orwell?

    you down for some social credit? http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/the-elite-are-creating-an-authoritarian-beast-system-and-those-that-dissent-could-lose-everything
  14. Czarina, Can you give us a list of these "specialized things"? Thanks.
  15. ,,,just Sayin...

    propaganda ... about propaganda http://caitlinjohnstone.com/2018/12/01/never-ever-forget-the-guardianpolitico-psyop-against-wikileaks/ https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2018/12/04/mainstream-fake-news-devious-limited-hangou/
  16. ,,,just Sayin...

    with most traders self-destruction is “cool;” self-awareness is passe... just sayin'
  17. ,,,just Sayin...

    Re the ‘word’ of god... God’s ‘words’ do not ‘speak’ in Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, (for sure not) English... or any other verbal human language ... I’m just sayin’
  18. ,,,just Sayin...

    ... someone was just saying that so far social media is arguably the greatest accomplishment of the globalist “deep state” ...
  19. ,,,just Sayin...

    ever want to talk about how many of the fires in CA were started by energy weapons from us aircraft ? how houses and cars were torched but not the adjacent trees, etc... ?? I'm just sayin' ever want to talk about how fakebook is being sacrificial lamb takedown so EU, US, and CHn can impose new dystopian social score internet control? I'm just sayin'
  20. sick orwell?

    once again - there is no deep state ~ ! https://youtu.be/Nl5NW9KcMt0
  21. sick orwell?

    speaking of fake enemies https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/taibbi-julian-assange-case-wikileaks-758883/
  22. ,,,just Sayin...

    You deserve some fun propaganda today. Here you go https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-11-24-warning-for-humanity-madness-spreading-masses-poisoned.html
  23. sick orwell?


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