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  1. I think of course you share interesting. But I can introduce you to a merchant who had spent many years working in the field of trade business.
  2. Hi everybody I'm a freshman at a university specialized mainly on trade. Of course i need a lot of information related a lot about this subject. Therefore, I need to find the friends, the supply can be: courses, tools, eBooks, etc ....... education primarily on trade, forex trading. In fact today there are many providers, I was very confused in choosing,. so I wanna refer questions opinions are people: 1 / The criteria for selecting a salepag? 2 / what you need from it? 3 / the salepag should avoid? 4 / why you do not want to buy? Please share with me what you know, I'm waiting for feedback Thanks.
  3. Go to the forum. I'd like to share with people what I have so, let me know the problems that you encounter is what? Ex: 1 / ebook 2 / courses 3 / tools We will together discuss it. i'm waiting your feedbacks. Thanks.
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