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  1. Algo Trading During Trump Iran Deal 05/08/2018 Algo trading 15 contracts per trade, profit 17k www.topalgo.com
  2. 50% off of both our strategy licenses Code: TOPALGO50 View our strategy in action on Youtube.
  3. Performance stats have been updated http://www.topalgo.com/performance.html
  4. Performance back to the beginning of this year will be uploaded to the site in the next couple weeks. Doesn't have to be used with Topstep Trader, as long as you have NinjaTrader 7 you can use this strategy. Don't offer a trial.
  5. What is Top Algo? We provide top of the line custom futures trading strategy for the Topstep Trader™ Combine and live trading. Our automated strategy is built to successfully pass both steps of the Trading Combine® and continue being used in live trading. Step 1 - Sign Up With TopstepTrader.com The TopstepTrader Trading Combine® is a real-time simulated account where your performance is evaluated across two steps for the opportunity to get funded with our trading capital. Once you reach the Profit Target without breaking any rules, your Funded Account™ will be waiting. Sign up with TopstepTrader.com HERE Learn more about becoming a fully funded trader with Topstep Trader HERE * Note- you will need to select Ninjatrader as your trading platform Step 2 - Use Our Algorithmic Trading Strategy Our fully automated trading strategy is built for the NinjaTrader 7 Platform and trades exclusively WTI Crude Futures Contracts. It allows the trader to stay within the Trading Combine® rules while making profitable trades and spending less time in front of the screen. Step 3 - Get Funded Trade Live Once you pass the Trading Combine® our life time license allows you to continue using our trading system with no limit on # of contracts it trades. Visit our site for more info topalgo.com
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