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  1. What about that? Exclusive: Q3 2013 US Retail Forex Broker Profitability Report, IB #1 | Forex Magnates
  2. You can find the Tape Reading book at: <Removed link to forum & piracy site> W.
  3. Hi Urma, thanks for the ideas... I took a 250 constant contract bar on Dax-Future´for the last 5 trading days. Took Upvolume und Downvolume Ticks and smoothed it out with an moving average. The robustness of parameters you will see in the chart. I took the optimal value (17) for going always long or short with no stops and no commission. Interessting concept, but I would like to see the parameters more robust ;-) W.
  4. Accumulation / Distribution can also be tracked with the Wyckoff Waves; nowerdays there are even Wyckoff Weis Waves to see at weisonwyckoff.com/weis-wave/ On-Balance-Volume does also a good job. W
  5. Accumulation / Distribution can also be tracked with the Wyckoff Waves W
  6. I still sell all my Tradeguider CDs DVDs. If interessted, PM me.
  7. I found a new book: Richard A Dickson & Tracy L Knudsen: Mastering Market Timing. Using the Works of LM Lowry and RD Wyckoff to identify Key Market Turning Points, 2011 (@ freebookspot.be) It is best suited for the long term investor. W
  8. As speculator one fulfills at least two social functions that would otherwise be shunned very strong: Take risks that others would not take. Tolerate uncertainty that others would not endure. So in total they provide liquidity for the great process of economic (positive or negative) critic. My two cents. W.
  9. Hi Steve, can you explain a little bit more about how you are defining "time based pivots"? Is it similar to the concept of Dilernia: Datafeeds provides technical and systems analysis for the SPI, DOW, S&P and FOREX ? Thanks W
  10. Hi KeyToTheCastle, thanks for your interessting chart. One question: How do you measure Order Flow? Thanks W.
  11. For the calculation of the Wyckoff Wave, SMI has for each component a mutiplier. Does anybody know, the base for this calculation of the multiplier? And how often or when is he adjusted? Thanks in advance W
  12. I am interessted in selling my original Tradeguider "Professional Chart Reading Boot Camp" (2 CDs) and "The 2008 VSA SYMPOSIUM" (1 DVD). If anybody is interessted, please send an PM and make an offer (Paypal accepted).
  13. In Wyckoff Yahoo group you will not find any formulas - helas! in 2006, the SMI wrote in an email: "Introducing Wyckoff Secrets Revealed For decades, Wyckoff investors have wondered and frequently asked how the O.P., Trend Barometer and intra-day waves are determined. For as long as people have been asking, our response has been that which is not included in the Wyckoff Course is proprietary. On November 1, that is going to change. Everything you have ever wondered about or asked about the Wyckoff indexes and indicators will be will be presented in Wyckoff Secrets Revealed. These are the topics that will be discussed in this new publication. Gathering necessary date Determining intra-day waves Developing and O.P. Index Calculating the Technometer Calculating the Force Calculating the Momentum How to use the Tec and Force Applications to other markets Wyckoff Secrets Revealed will only be available during November 2006. It will be distributed by e-mail beginning November 1 on a first come first served basis. There are three ways to reserve your copy. Reserve your copy with a credit card by e-mail at .. Send your request by regular mail to Wyckoff Stock Market Institute... Wyckoff Secrets Revealed is priced at $75."" Ps. : I would also been very much interessted in the formulas ;-)
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