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  1. Hi: I am thinking of converting to a notebook computer, because today's notebooks are so powerful, I can easily pass up the desktop computer. One question ... how do I attach multiple monitors to a notebook computer? What are the options? TIA
  2. Yes I have a collection of patterns. Some are very consistent performers. Some are inconsistent. Sorry. They are not for sale.
  3. .... and "someone" actually thinks he is providing contents that is of value to readers, and threatens to ban anybody who is not nice to him.
  4. Everyone has their own definition of value ... I guess one can laugh or cry or do both ... but I don't see how you can dispute that. MMS Have you read his posts at all ?!?!? and you condone that ?
  5. That is not fair, how have we treated TL 'shabbily'? The big bone of discontent here is that TL management is not allowing people to harass and run-out people like Predictor. Despite what some people think, he is providing something of value to some readers. You may disagree with the 'value' part but that really is not for you push your opinions on others. Now that we've moved his thread to the Commercial forum, it is clearly identified as such so let the man post in peace. I think the National Enquirer is trash but if others want to read it that is there prerogative! thx MMS >> Despite what some people think, he is providing something of value to some readers. Wow... that speaks volume ! don't know if i should laugh or cry
  6. a forum is for discussion... removing or limiting a forum is counter productive. it is equivalent to opening a restaurant, but don't let patrons eat. or letting people eat but don't tell me how is the food. why then open a restaurant? ...might as well publish a recipe book... nobody ever argue over a recipe book. :haha:
  7. you guys are right, this system is not going to work... we should adopt some TV show format, where the participants can vote another out of the show. :rofl: :haha:
  8. we should keep this thread... it is a record of the discussion. if there is a thread that should be deleted, most ppl will tell you it is the other thread. you had some high quality contents in this website, I don't even know if you recognize them, you haven't acknowledge them that's for sure. But the contributors were not looking for a thank you, they are successful in their trading, and just want to share. Sadly, I can see the tide has shifted... Good luck and good trading to all.
  9. I should point out that when you created the thread for him, all was fine and nobody was interfering with his "calls". Then he got bored because few people were reading or posting in his thread, so he posts on others' threads to drum up interests. Which is fine with me because anybody can post anywhere. But when he makes outlandish comments outside of his thread, people start to make inquisitive questions, and that's when all the "discussions" began. I ignored his thread most of the time. If he does not like inquisitive questions, then I would suggest he should not make outlandish claims outside of his thread. because people are going to ask questions. Respect goes both ways. This is what I saw from my little perch. Your perspective might be different.
  10. a little history on this thread: This is not an original thread. This thread is split from another thread where there was even more firework. This thread was created by the admin with some posts from a previous thread, and with the firework purged (thus you see a clean few pages of posts in the beginning of this thread.) People are TOLD to leave the OP alone, so that he can "prove" himself in peace. Thus you see a "silent period" where nobody was challenging his "claims". You see my seemingly stupid LOL with nothing attached and which makes no sense whatsoever. It looked like a troll trying to trash his thread. That's because my previous posts were censored. So did many other people's questions and "discussions". You can't judge a book by its (altered) content.
  11. If you scan the thread now, you will never get the whole picture. Because a lot of the posts (including sincere inquiries) were censored (ie. deleted). What you have left is a mad man going on and on about how great he is.
  12. you are saying... Birds of a feather ?
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