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  1. Hi: I am thinking of converting to a notebook computer, because today's notebooks are so powerful, I can easily pass up the desktop computer. One question ... how do I attach multiple monitors to a notebook computer? What are the options? TIA
  2. Yes I have a collection of patterns. Some are very consistent performers. Some are inconsistent. Sorry. They are not for sale.
  3. Danny White would understand what these mean http://www.elitetrader.com/et/index.php?threads/looking-for-patterns-found-this.223074/ hint: we know more about you than you know about us
  4. you can get Market Depth on Chart as an indicator in the latest version of MultiCharts.
  5. You have an amazing perception of the market. Thanks for sharing !
  6. Thanks johnnydaymon for your feedback, especially the screenshots. A single picture tells a thousand words. I am always curious to see other traders screens, yours are beautiful. I know a lot of people are using this indicator, and have made many enhancement to it. But most are too shy (or too secretive) to post. Your screenshots are much appreciated. This is a very versatile code, the concept is simple, but one can add a lot of different analysis to it and make trading a much more informed decision. Good trading to you!
  7. Thanks jojojo for the conversion. Your effort is appreciated.
  8. You, the gun enthusiasts, deserve a vote Meet the Press
  9. Tams

    MAMA Combo

    Thanks for sharing your enhancement. Much appreciated. I hope people give you lots of upvotes as well as feedbacks, both on their usage method, and on the code itself. Again, thanks for sharing. You are a good man.
  10. l o l ! double talk at its finest.
  11. I nearly got shot in my sleep I nearly got shot in my sleep - Imgur
  12. Tams

    Would You Share?

    and mitsubishi would like a free car every 3 years with free petro and free oil change for the rest of his life.
  13. the printer will be another social change in the scale of the industrial revolution. Not so much the guns, of course the guns will be indiscriminately reproduced, but the impact is in the manufacturing and retail, where many product that are produced in China will no longer be so. They will be manufactured right in the users' home. and you think the retail scene is bad in usa? the vacant mall will be vacant land soon.
  14. There is a fish born every day, every minute, every second. The vendors might be scammers, but there are lots of desperate fish looking for quick profit, and the skammer's fast talk of fast profit is exactly what they want to hear. Such is life.
  15. you can't grill them anymore, your "skeptical" posts will get deleted.
  16. Not just reckless promotion, if you ask any "difficult" questions that may embarrass the vendor, your post gets deleted.
  17. this is where you failed. I "Like" his post, does not necessarily mean I am in his camp, or I "agree" with him, it merely means I like his argument, I appreciate the thoughts he put into his post, and the points he put forth. The title of this thread is "To Arm or to Disarm", not my camp against your camp. "Like" a post does not put me in one camp or the other; most of the children cannot comprehend that. As a matter of fact I have confused a few immature people on annonymous internet forums -- they think that I belong to their camp just because I "like" their posts. no no no I do not belong to your "camp", or his "camp", or their "camp". Currently the gun people like to divide people into camps -- either you are pro guns, or you are against the 2nd amendment. LOL I am not saying your are naive, nobody can call you out to say that you are naive. Only you can prove whether you are or you are not. Either way it does not matter to me, because i have no opinion of you. i don't need to. It doesn't mean that you are not worthy of an opinion, i am merely saying that i don't have an opinion of you. I am repeating this just so that you know what i am talking about, you do not need to make unnecessary assumptions, like you did in previous posts.
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