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Found 11 results

  1. Paint the Town Red (MultiCharts EasyLanguage) This indicator was written in MultiCharts. I don't know if it works in TradeStation. This indicator "paints" the background color, using a thick plot to mimic the background color property. The background color will turn light green when the price is trading above the moving average, and pink when below. The colors and moving average length are user adjustable. check here for additional color values: http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/f56/finding-hex-color-values-for-ts-5683.html#post62065 Paint_the_Town_Red.txt
  2. Shifting full time trader, setting automation with easylanguage, testing algo's now several years preparing for capital injection. My game currently is the sector spyders , ie XLB, XLE, XLF, XLI, XLK, XLP, XLU, XLV, XLY . i live and sleep sectors, 12 years in when gold was 200/oz ,i was told to pricy so i sold it, my first trade... lol, last 30 days net profit 4k paper, hand trading live alerts over algo's , working slopes, trends, rsi's waves, r & s, and lots of patience , work 10 min bars / 6 month history / multichart / 12 monitor system. hope to contribute. Scott B.
  3. CANDLE PATTERN CODE CONVERTED TO EASYLANGUAGE by STRATOPT, INC 2008 modified by TAMS date: 20090201 prints pattern name on bottom of chart date: 20090211 added option to print log date: 20090220 added commentary date: 20090412 added option NOT to print pattern name, (ie. show pattern name only when you click on the bar) MC version can adjust text size (MC = MultiCharts) note: 1. if you don't believe in seeing the candle names, please move on. 2. this indicator has been tested in MultiCharts. If you don't know how to import it into TradeStation, please spend 5min with your user's guide. CANDLE_PATTERN_20090412.txt CANDLE_PATTERN_20090412_MC_version.txt
  4. Bar Numbering This indicator is for MultiCharts only. description: prints the bar number on the screen, with the option to bold, frame or reverse at specific intervals. you may apply the numbers to a subchart, or the main chart. if you want the bar numbers on the main chart: -- right click on the price scale to select this indicator, -- drag the price scale to position the numbers Bar_numbering.txt Bar_Numbering_(MultiCharts).pla
  5. Hello, I am having trouble coding a time delay after a trade occurs (buy or sell, open or close) to avoid my automated strategy making a ton of trades as the price action whipsaws and signals my indicators true/false. Can anyone provide some suggestions here? For instance, (I will set a time delay of say 15 minutes)... if my combo of indicators goes true at 10:20AM and a Long position is opened, I don't want these indicators to be evaluated again before 10:35AM. I want my strategy to run in real time and not on bar close b/c of the action I'm missing in that bar. However, right now all that my strategy will do is rack up commission fees. Any help is greatly appreciated! I'm using Multicharts. Thanks!!
  6. Hi, I am currently using Multicharts 7.4 downloaded here with these instructions: http://indo-investasi.com/showthread.php/14670-Multicharts-6-and-7-in-quot-Not-Authorized-quot-mode-forever?highlight=multicharts For EOD analysis it is working brilliantly, but I am having the following problem.:doh::doh: I am trying to connect an DDE link to Multicharts and I can see the data in the Quote manager's test screen for a DDE link, but somehow it does not want to show up in Muticharts when I add a new chart space and select the instrument?? Hope someone is willing to help me with this have been struggling for a while.:crap: Best Regards
  7. GlobalVariable.dll Version 2.2 Global Variable is a dynamic-link library (DLL) that can be used to extend EasyLanguage®. A DLL’s can be written in any of a variety of programming languages, including C/C++, Delphi, and PowerBASIC®. User developed TradeStation®-compatible DLL’s, while not part of the TradeStation platform itself, are used to provide user-developed function libraries that may be called from EasyLanguage analysis techniques. Functions exported from user-developed DLL’s can be called by EasyLanguage analysis techniques and by other applications. DLL functions can perform actions that cannot be done easily or at all in EasyLanguage. Additionally, they might be used to speed up processing. An example code is included; it demonstrates how to create two types of global variable storage locations for each of five data types. The two types of storage locations are numbered storage locations, named storage locations. The five data types are Boolean values, integers, single-precision floating point numbers (called simply “floats”), double-precision floating-point numbers (called simply “doubles”), strings (text values). Documentation inside zip file. . GlobalVariable22.zip
  8. Hi, i have a problem, in easy language(Multichart) i write "buy this bar at market", but multicharts buys only on open on next bar, it's too late for me. Maybe someone can recomend me some soft which can resolve this problem? Because as i know multichart doesn't support such types of orders. Am i wrong? Thank for help!
  9. STRSQZ -- Stretch and Squeeze (w auto calibrate) This indicator displays the premium/discount between a future contract and its cash index A popular display pair is YM and INDU Basic Concept: When the market is going up, the future leads the cash with premium. When the market is going down, the future leads the cash with discount*. (* or less premium) The key is to look for excessive premium/discount at points of change. (eg. at channel boundaries, price extremes, etc.,) Note that this is not a Buy/Sell type of indicator You will need to understand the workings of the market to exploit these signals. Instructions: set up 3 symbols in the chart: data1: INDU index (1 minute) data2: YM current month future contract (1 minute) data3: YM current month future contract (5 minutes) Set the first 2 symbols to invisible... the 3rd symbol is your trading chart (you can substitute the 3rd symbol with other instruments, eg. ES, NQ) Note: 1. The indicator uses a moving average to surpress the noise. The first few bars of the day is not displayed 2. The indicator will stop plotting when the cash is closed 3. The histogram color threshold is user adjustable STRSQZ_Stretch_and_Squeeze.txt
  10. I don't kow if this is the right place for this thread but I'm looking for the best solution in order to program my trading method. What should I choose between MQL4 (MT4) or EasyLanguage (TS) or NinjaTrader or what else ?? What is the most Easy solution ? Thanks in advance,
  11. I am using a trading system in Multicharts OR Tradestation2000i OR Tradestation8 and need to get this to interface with Ninja trader, so that I can have this system trade automatically with Futuresbetting.com. I want to use multicharts OR Tradestation with Ninja Trader to execute trades. The problem is Multicharts uses the format (DDE:SPZ) but Ninja Trader does not recognise the colon as Ninja Trader requires format (SPZ) therefore the symbol cannot be mapped. Note: I know Multicharts interfaces with Interactive broker, but I cant use them because its taxable and futuresbetting is tax free spreadbet. Can anybody help?
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