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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, does anyone have Historical 1min data for the above mentioned market internals from 2015 on ? Thanks
  2. Hey guys, Has anyone been able to create a strategy with confirmation indicators on time chart (15min & 30min) and executed via tick chart? Been searching around, and TradeStation seems the most probable one at this moment. Thanks in advance! :crap:
  3. uptick - last transaction is at a higher price than the previous transaction. downtick - last transaction is at a lower price than the previous transaction. Neutral tick - last transaction is at the same price as the previous one, this is a zero tick. An uptick for purposes of calculating the $TICK is a transaction at a higher price. But what is an Advancer? I notice that Advancers and Decliners are talked about in terms of ISSUES. I don't know what the difference is between an uptick for the $TICK and an Advancer. They can't be the same, or an uptick minus a downtick would be the same as an Advancer minus a Decliner. But they are not the same. In fact, the $TICK can be going up while the $ADVN - $DECN is going down. I have searched the internet, but I can't find a definition of what an advancing issue is.
  4. Here is a workspace featuring a TICK chart and an ESINX chart. The indicators are as such: @sk_ESINX. (Index Arbitrage Program Trading Premium Values) This is a simple indicator that will plot the most probable levels where trading programs are bound to generate buy and sell orders. Please see http://www.indexarb.com/index.html for more information. You will need to update new levels daily before the market opens. For Tradestation users other symbols are $SPINX and $ESINX, $NDIQX and $NQIQX, and $RLIUX and $ERSIUX. Other data vendors may use PREM or EPREM. The video of Hubert Senters using $ESINX is below or alternatively find it here: [ame= ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eVJZnT5oHg[/ame] @Tick Bias. It is important to know the market bias from the first half hour of trading whether it be bearish (average below zero) or bullish (above). I wanted something visual so that it would remind me to go with the trend of the day ie. don't go short when the Tick trend is bullish. Fade the Tick lows if it's bullish. Of course this is a simplification . My dilemma was how to produce an average from the start at 9:30 am ET. So I wrote code to calculate the moving average of the TICK as each bar unfolded (ie. incremental......average of 2 bar closes on second bar, average of 3 bar closes on third bar until a suitable moving average could kick in (say, a moving average of 50 on the 50th bar)). Blue (bullish), Pink (bearish), Gray (neutral). *******The last high and low in the format dialogue must be a wide histogram********* @Tick Alert Lines. Simple enough. Obvious levels of Tick extremes. Alerts as well. @sk_Value Chart show me. Plots Value Chart extremes on Tick chart. Signals a possible reversal. Play with the levels to suit. N.B. These indicators are as is with no time spent being fussy with code. You are welcome to modify them. If you have an improvement in code or other ideas feel free to post. You may need the XVid codec to watch the video. ****** For Tradestation users it would be best to install the .ELD first then open up the workspace in the zip file. I'm not sure if it will open up the way the image portrays but just make sure if you insert indicators that you insert @Tick Bias last as the background painting will cover the others otherwise! ****** TICK BIAS AND ESINX.ELD TICK BIAS AND ESINX.txt TICK BIAS and ESINX workspace.zip Hubert-Program Trading3.avi
  5. I am a newbie who just recently got out from the Holy Grail Quest phase and I decided to start tape reading. But instead of using T&S I decided to watch 1 tick chart with volume. I don't know if some of you actually do it too, but anyway, I have a question (I guess a noob one). Could anyone give me a hint what the attached pattern means? Apparently it is a big order split into several sequences. Each sequence is made of 8 steps. 9 contracts @ 1875.00 4 contracts @ 1875.00 2 contracts @ 1875.00 1 contract @ 1875.25 4 contracts @ 1875.25 2 contracts @ 1875.25 1 contract @ 1875.00 1 contract @ 1875.00 What is buying and what selling? What is the interpretation of such a pattern? And I am interested if anybody else reads the tape this way. And if there is someone out there, what patterns is he/she looking for.
  6. Here is an indicator I found at Ts forums... I played a lot with it this week and I had a lot of exitment and complications with it... now for this volume analisis we all are looking at inTL this could be another input someone may find interesting... this is the "Tick Time Box" it will create a box every x time setting, and in ticks or volume based charts can be very usefull to know how many bars (volume) you got on that specific period... aplications can be multiple... so much I just whent back to my 2 min chart with old classic volume histogram... cant get better... any way I thought I would share... enjoy cheers Walter. pd : example chart is a 9tick chart of ym with 5 minutes boxes. TICK TIME BOX.ELD
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