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  1. Trading with indextrader7: Finding Your Market - Honing Your Craft
  2. Trading with indextrader7: Help me find the pattern? Latest article points out a time of day pattern over the past six sessions in crude oil. Does anyone follow this thread???
  3. Trading with indextrader7: 3D Trading Here's an article I wrote on how I use 3D trading.
  4. The seven phases of my trading: 1. (Day 1) I've got a great method of trading, let's be patient, focus on having a probabilities mindset, take these setups, and manage risk. 2. (Two days later) I am having good success with this. 3. (7 days later) I am really on fire, I have been profitable for 9 sessions in a row. 4. (Next day) A breakeven day or two, I'll do better next session. Risk management is getting a bit inconsistent. 5. (Two days later) Daily loss limit hit, man, that sucked, I'll do better tomorrow. This is only a temporary setback. 6. (Next day) Daily loss limit hit again, wow, what am I doing? I've got to re-think this thing. I've got to question my setups, question my analysis, question my exits, question the market I am trading, question the timeframe I am trading, etc. 7. (A day or two) Spend hours and hours and hours pouring through charts, trying to find the answers to prevent the losing sessions I have. Find "the answer". 1. (Start at day 1) I've found it, I now have a great method of trading, let's be patient and take these setups, and manage risk properly. ------------ The truth is...the bottom line is that.... all of this is too emotional. I need to focus more on simply executing my edge, which is in fact an edge... IF I execute the risk management methods that go along with it. You see... even as I say that, I am admitting that there is a difference in my mind between my "edge" (hear setups) and "risk management" (hear exits). There is no edge without both in place. I must continually focus on keeping a probabilities mindset and executing my plan and processes. I will admit that I am growing awfully tired of going through the 7 phases. I'm still net profitable over the full cycle, but it's taking a toll on my emotionally.
  5. http://bit.ly/YG3llq Live webcast of my trading session. Starting in 10 minutes ish.
  6. Here's today's article. It's about an interesting observation I made in CL lately Trading with indextrader7: Bull-Bear Cycles in Crude Oil
  7. Trading with indextrader7: Live Trading Webcast 2-28-13 Here's today's recorded trade session. A losing session today, full daily loss limit hit. This may be more important for new traders to watch than to watch a winning session!
  8. http://bit.ly/Z2kPbB Live webcast, trading with me. Starts in minutes.
  9. Trading with indextrader7: Psychological Journal An article I wrote on the idea and application (in my own journal today) of a psychological journal entry to enhance trading. I think y'all will like this one!
  10. Today's recorded session now available Trading with indextrader7: Live Trading Webcast 2-27-13 It was a challenging day in CL for me, and the first losing day in 7 sessions. I feel like -1 tick today was a success though, given the PA. Here's the picture summary
  11. http://bit.ly/13nhLfU Live webcast trading with me, starting in minutes.
  12. Hope everyone had a good trading session today. I was +32 ticks on the day (average ticks per contract traded). Could have been a better day, but I had a few trade management issues. If you missed the real-time trading session this morning you can find the recording on my blog. Trading with indextrader7: Live Trading Webcast 2-26-13 I also recently posted an article on a great tool for measuring profitability, and gauging drift in trading performance. Trading with indextrader7: How good do you have to be exactly?
  13. Real time trading webcast starting in a few minutes If you have google+ (recommended) join here: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/a2872c7980b35ac224ce7cb8ce45bb35da6b85f6?gid=893851448980 Don't worry, I can't see you or hear you, I have everyone auto muted/blocked with a program. You are encouraged to chat if you have comments questions. If you don't have google+ and/or refuse to get it, you can watch on my youtube channel, as it will be streamed live there. You wont' be able to participate if you want to comment/question. Here: indextrader7 - YouTube Let's get it!
  14. Trading with indextrader7: Daily sit down with IT7 - MAE and MFE - Actual risk reward vs hypothetical/planned First blog article about using MAE and MFE in a creative way to enhance trading.
  15. I'm not sure if any of you were able to make it out to the webcast today, but it was a great session to have up. No, it wasn't a destroy the market hundreds of ticks session, it was a real grind. A real picture of what it is like to have 5 trades go against you, but manage risk properly and be in position to bank when the big setup comes to you. If you're a newbie, watch the whole thing. If you're just wanting to see the trades, press the next button at the bottom to fast forward to the start of each trade. Enjoy! Trading with indextrader7
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