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  1. I had visited several cahtooms recently. Most of them charges like hell. I like tradershelpdesk trading room. It is free and the lady is very nice. You might like it!
  2. If you are using NijaTrader (free platform) optimus is good. The link for this broker is NinjaTrader Powered With Rithmic Data Feed
  3. Many new traders begin their trading experience on the mini Indices, with a primary focus on the mini S&P 500, as either a scalping trader or an intra-day trader. Their daily profit target is normally between three to five points. For an experience scalping trader, this could possibly be done but not for a new trader. It is hard to take any points out of S&P 500 on current market conditions. If you plot a range indicator you will understand why it is hard to make any money in S&P. If you are trading for living, do a study on currency futures. You will understand what I'm talking about. The Euro currency future is traded under the symbols EC or 6E and has the same tick value as the E-mini S&P 500, twelve dollars and fifty cents per tick. A point in the Euro is equal to a movement of one tick. There is few studies you can review on this link http://www.tradershelpdesk.com/pdf/market-research.pdf Good trading guys!
  4. Hi, It is not based on market profile. It is just Volume analysing on that particular price bar only, I use the tests for a low risk entry. That is all I'm looking. Check the snapshot attached.
  5. I'm not sure the easy language is available. But I noticed that it can catch the buying climax, selling climax, low volume tests etc based on Tom's book. If you know buying climax, selling climax, tests etc,it might be helpful, otherwise it is just few colors. I like the low volume tests in that indicator, it is helpful me to catch the low risk entries. Good trading!
  6. I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that. I use TS.
  7. I found a new volume indicator at http://www.tradershelpdesk.com It is really interesting. Surprisingly, I found that the color of the volume bar (buyers versus sellers) wasn’t important – it is really about the height of the volume bars, which is also what Tom Williams says in his book, Master the Markets (you can download the indicator and book free from their website). I hope this will help other volume traders.
  8. I've had the distinct honor of meeting both Gail, Nigel and Harry at three workshop/seminars and have the upmost respect for their professional character, and willingness to assist with the ongoing education of everyone involved. My first impression of Gail on the chat room was that she showed genuine interest in members and followed up questions and concerns with thorough responses. Specifically, Gail is always prompt with a response to any questions I may have. Particular examples include: Showing how indicators work as a daily part of the routine and is thorough and consistent in covering the entry and exit point before and during each trade. Indicating positives and negatives of trades to find a balance through understanding what constitutes a good or bad trading day. Alerting you to daily news to stay informed on how it can affect trading. Approaching trading without emotion, relying on her vast experience and strict adherence to following the rules. Going out of her way to work with you on targeted issues to get you back on track. Genuine and sincere, and dedicated to providing the proper tools for individual success. Over the past 4 years I have paid to attend other chat rooms, however; none of them have provided the level of expertise and personal assistance that I have received from Hawkeye Team. [if any folks need a solid foundation and education to be successful in trading I would highly suggest their trading room... I thank Gail, Nigel and Harry for their commitment toward helping anyone who is serious. Check everything out for yourself, they have nothing to hide and you have everything to gain from Hawkeye indicators and training.. - Dr. PN
  9. Hi Guys Does anybody here using Hawkeye Traders Volume Spread Analysis? Is it based on Wykoff's theory? Please advice! Thanks Jennifer
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