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    Avid blogger and Investor. I am currently associated with a reputed financial advisory firm in Singapore. You can visit my company site here - https://www.mmfsolutions.sg/
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  2. Do women make good traders? Or do you consider only men as good traders? What do you think?
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  5. vin2019

    Trading books

    Which are the best books on trading & investment?
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  8. You can use forex volatility calculator from investing.com for the same. It is a very useful tool.
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  10. Yes, I have one good recommendation for you. You should check out fx pips service. Simply search for FX PIPS UK in google and visit the site. You can avail their service. Free trial is also available. Its good.
  11. Just go to google and search for FX PIPS UK. Visit and check out their service. It should help you out with your forex signal search.
  12. How do you decide which forex signal provider to choose? What are the things you look into when you search for a good forex signal provider?
  13. These things can cause fluctuation in stock prices - Company News Mergers and Acquisitions Organization Restructure Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades
  14. I would recommend you to check out - Babypips. It is one of the best sites to learn about forex and related topics.
  15. Thanks for sharing this info. Very useful for traders.
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