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  1. That why i was telling you about the equity , your equity must be good in order to accept so many trades , otherwise use less. Xiaolidao unfortunately failed today :S but i have made a lot of pips by following him so this loss wont make me disconnect this guy.
  2. i'm following everyone with 0.5 lots , xiaolidao i have with 7 max trades , kama -spot with 4 , and Jankovsky , Raduga with 5 . Thats my personal settings based on my solid equity , if your equity is not big (couple of thousands or less) i would limit those settings more.
  3. Check my portfolio that i'm using in January , maybe you've missed some good traders this month : Jason Alan Jankovky , kama-spot , xiaolidao , Raduga.
  4. Thx William , i will check her out as well ! Let them pips grow in zulu
  5. Good results so far , TradeGuru and MkV_08 performed well lately.
  6. I guess you are right. I added them to my account. I wish us both luck and good profits!
  7. William thanks a lot for your suggestions , i was keeping an eye for Tradeguru and yamatofx2vera myself for some time , they seem to perform really well , maybe i'll try them.
  8. Hello guys , came here to ask if you changed your providers after this big fall of EUR , whom are you following now in zulutrade?
  9. As i see automated trading is a controversial subject , others love it and others hate it. For me its an interesting idea. I understand that it involves risk , but everything in forex is a risk.
  10. While i do agree with smmatrix about manual trading , for a begginer like me who doesnt have time to learn i think platform such as zulutrade is a good start with forex market. They have a ranking system there and a lot of customization tools to properly choose traders who hopefully wont destroy your account. At least that;s what i see in demo for now.
  11. Thank you both for your replies , zulutrade seems like the thing i was looking for , i will register for a demo account.
  12. Hi dear traders. I would like you to point me to the best online automated traded platform that you know off. I want to start with forex , on small money , with minimal risk , and i want all the trading done automatically for me by good professional traders. I want a platform with a good ranking system and good signal providers. Any info is welcomed. Thank you in advance.
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