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    I've written several articles to assist in developing mechanical trading systems.

    1) Awesome Price Action Movement Indicator (APAMI)

    2) Money Management excel spreadsheet for position sizing, grid, cost averaging, etc.

    3) Tradecycles and why mechanical trading is the best way to be profitable consistently.

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  1. Here is an updated version of the spreadsheet, but in google sheets format. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13i6z-jzz9gMzo9dDlxbazS58-wDOPQ-8xYBscO8ZRds/edit?usp=sharing You can copy it to your own google account or download as ods / xlsx to use it as needed. If a moderator can read this, hoping they can edit the OP and insert the above into the bottom of the post.
  2. So what do you propose as an alternate? You mention So you care to share a synopsis of your theory (or theorem) and why it may be superior?
  3. I keep getting a "connection refused" error when I try to use https with any link on your site. but http works ok. Is there any reason for this? I also have two other tickets here and here that never got any replies. Can you see them?
  4. It's been over a year? Wow. I've been gone a long time. But the update is for the better I guess. do you have a blog post detailing the reasons/advantages for the new look?
  5. Is there anyway to add a tag to an existing forum thread?
  6. There were several tools that were here on traders laboratory and I was wondering if it were possible for non-members to be able to download an attachment to a post without having to be a forum member.
  7. I agree with @marty_trader unless you are trading binary options on a regulated exchange (there is only one that is worth anything: Nadex), you might as well treat your deposit as a donation (the receiving broker certainly is looking at it this way 😂)
  8. The key to using cost averaging and 2x[+] martingale is to have reasonable limits to work within the equity stops and not over optimize the take profit. That is the only way for the speculator on the sell side to get in and out [and back in] timely. If you keep going for the big win on each tradecycle (basket), you will eventually hit stop on a larger trend; you can't have too many of those. Take the smaller [tiny] wins as the market retraces, but do so consistently. Those people are likely trading with too much risk.It is rare that people who implement martingale use complete mechanical systems for the entry detection, entry and exits, which is indeed quite reckless. In addition, they are implementing it in an "all or nothing" approach. How can you be surprised if the "or nothing" comes up at some point?
  9. I thought I replied here. Perhaps you should also post in the other longer contest thread. I would like to participate as well.
  10. Where is the contest signup link?
  11. The main challenge with zulutrade is that most 'investors' sort by highest roi. Many of the traders trade to make their stats look good long enough to entice investors. Then finally the blowup happens. The investor has no idea what happened. Even with some kind of equity stop loss, you are still trying to figure out if you should continue with the same signal or just find a new signal. What is even worse is that the investor may be copying several signals at once, trying to "diversify". But without an understanding of the underlying strategy used in EACH signal, how can you even begin to manage the risk? I like the concept of zulutrade, but unfortunately they are mainly for show. Many blind-leading-the-blind there. I've seen situations where the zulutrade bridge went offline with mt4. I do understand that MQ and ZT had a falling out. But social copy bridges do have some serious flaws and the bridge providers rarely take it seriously enough. Once they have their commissions (which they get on every trade), they tend to ignore any technological deficiencies unless they are major. The commission model also needs work, where at least myfxbook's autotrade only pays out on profitable trades. The current model encourages signal providers to churn out as many trades as possible, not necessarily profitable. I was speaking to a funds manager about social networks, and he admitted that licensed fund managers and others with serious hedge funds do not use these services; way too much counterpary risk.
  12. To assist in letting go, I recommend The 5 Levels of Attatchment: Toltec Wisdom for a Modern World by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. It was just as good as The Four Agreements by his father.
  13. Is swimming a good idea? All derivative contracts follow the same basic buy/sell principle of a market. The difference is liquidity and volatility of the contract; both are affected by various things. But it is the movement in price we are looking to speculate on. now lets see if I can make up for lost time on this contest.
  14. Buying a dedicated server or hosting your own server near the broker's trading server. But seriously, can you explain why a quality VPS service is not adequate. HFT is probably discouraged on their retail platforms. you would have to go it alone if you desire sub-millisecond HFT.
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