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  1. Dear Forum, Does anyone know of a broker like MBTrading that offers an auto trading platform and allows trading of OTC stocks? I know of Trade Station, but their fees are so high. Thanks! Mike
  2. Dear Forum, I am thinking of using MBTrading for an auto trade program. Are they good? Are there better brokers to interface to an excel program? Thanks! Mike
  3. Dear Forum, I am thinking of using MBTrading for an auto trade program. Does anyone have an opinion of them? Thanks! Mike
  4. Dear Forum, I am amazed at the long term accuracy of the AmericanBulls.com website. Could the buy and sell signals be detected from this site and used as input to an auto trading program? Thanks for your help! Mike
  5. Dear Forum, I would like to auto trade the AmericanBulls.com signals. Could their website signals be detected and used as input to a trading program? Thanks alot! Sincerely, Mike
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