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  1. Kiwi/Tams, Which charting platform do you suggest for backtesting and ultimately automating a renko chart strategy?
  2. Hi, I have a trading strategy that needs to be programmed in Sierra Chart. If you have some experience with coding in Sierra Chart platform, please email me and we can discuss the details. This project has several stages, each with its own remuneration. Thanks, Ash
  3. Hi, I have a cumulative delta strategy and I am looking for the best platform/data feed combination to implement a fully automated trading system. The configuration I use currently is DTN feed+Investor R/T, but Investor R/T does not have the capability to create a fully automated trading system. I am ok with switching data feed too, as long as I can find a good trading platform that can provide me cumulative delta analysis + ability to create fully automated trading system. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have installed NT7 along with Kinetick end of day data feed. I tried adding the vwap indicator (from NT support website) but no lines pop up on my chart. My guess is that the vwap indicator needs to be modified to run on a daily chart. Does anyone have a pointer to such an indicator, or could anyone suggest what changes I need to make to the current indicator? (I have attached a copy of the indicator with this post) Thanks, Ashton hVWAP.zip
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