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  1. Hello, I have been using andautomated strategy in Tradestation to placed orders when price hits the PSAR price either long of short. Trouble is that the platform does't always fire off a trade and I cant figure out why. I called TS tech support but they were no help.I posted to their message board and never received a response. I am using Tradestation Strategy Parabolic LE and Parabolic SE to get me in the trade. Then I manage it from there. Also every time I look on at the settings it seems that alerts always aren't checked off. I have to reset them every time. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  2. Hi James, It's been a very long time since I was here and just saw this post. Very Very belated congrats. Are you planning on more?
  3. Bfbusa

    In a Pickle

    Hey Dude, I can understand your response given the way I put the question, but I'm way past the basics. I've been trading futures for a few years now and have a couple of setups that have worked well. I was attempting a"box" trade on this one with the rationale that the gap was appearing to fill from previous close. It didn't so now my plan will be to hold till I see signs of a reversal, sell the long and trail. If one doesn't come soon, I'll just close the position. Not the best strategy, I know but I already have a nice profit in the long side so I wont walk away empty handed.
  4. Bfbusa

    In a Pickle

    Hello, I kike yo get your opinion on how to best manage this situation. I went long the ES on Dec. 28 when they announced the fiscal cliff resolution was agreed upon. I took advantage of that sudden drop as a buying opportunity. When Dec 31 came around the market gaped up but fearing a retracement I shorted the ES in another account hoping the gap would fill, it didnt and now I have a long and a short on the ES locking in a 23 point gain. Should I close out for profit or wait for another extreme move, take profit in one and trail the other. Your thoughts please. Thank you.
  5. To all, I thank you for your input. I deliberately left out the particulars of the trading plan so not to possibly bias the anwsers. I play the opening gaps on the YM
  6. Hello Traders, It's been some time since I posted. After years of perseverance, I can finally say I am profitable. I have a trading plan, I use risk management to control my losses and although it is by small amount, I have been making money consistently since last October. As with all trading plans, I was expecting this to eventually happen I'm in a drawdown. My last three out of four trades have been stopped out. I would like to hear your input on how to manage it. Some say, just keep trading the same size and others say decrease lot size, until your trades start to make money again. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. Here is a link to an asian website that is showing it. Here is the link. Trader -Paul Tudor Jones_ÔÚÏßÊÓƵ¹Û¿´_ÍÁ¶¹ÍøÊÓƵ 45 Before they remove it, I recommend downloading the Tuduo downloader and download the file. It's 120 MB.
  8. One of my biggest stumbling blocks in trading is getting scared out of a winning position. Sometimes just covering your P&L screen just isn't enough. Sometimes you have to put a trade on and walk away from the screen. Using the iPhone with the Logmein app, I was able to put on a position on the YM on infinity platform, move the remote screen to just the chart and then put the phone down and go take care of something else. I would only take a glimpse once in a while to look at the chart. When I see it pass my target or stop price, I know the trade is done. I made +10 on the day. Using the iPhone makes it difficult for you to jump in and out because the screen is so small. You also have to be a little careful or you could accidentally fire off a trade in the wrong direction. Make sure you are first acclimated with the Logmein app first. I know, some of you are saying "what" that's crazy, but I feel it is helpfull. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  9. Hi Suntrader, I agree with you, I saw that too when I drew the fibs for the $INDU. Thanks for the info with the fib distortion, that's good to know. I was just a child back then, but for some reason this bear market reminds me of the 73-74 bear market. Someone described that one as an agonizing sell off and like now, then was also due to, at least in part, from oil. Back then it was the oil embargo. Also, I noticed a pattern developing. If this sell off should reach the 2002 low, we may be seeing the completion of a head in a multiyear head and shoulders pattern. I hope I'm wrong, but what the heck, as a trader I really don't care which way the market goes, I just trade the setups.
  10. Thats the DOW mini from the 2003 lows that is. I drew that fib line a few months ago. The other fib line you see is the 127 fib extension from the previous rally attempt. I know, so what, but when I noticed it, I thought it was kind of interesting to see how far it fell. Does anyone have an opinion on this.
  11. Hello friends and fellow traders, I am just starting to study Elliott Wave Theory and so sounds interesting. I got this chart in my e-mail a while ago and I like to know what others think. You may have seen the same chart. It is portending that the DOW ( probably the S&P too ) have another wave up to new all time highs. I like to hear what experienced Elliott Wave trades ( non-Elliott wave traders are also welcome to respond ) think of this. I look at the chart and all I see is a left shoulder a head of a developing head and shoulder pattern. If someone already discussed this in another thread, Please post a link , thanks.
  12. Hi James, how've you been. Nice post you have here. I couldn't agree more. Without discipline, you are finished as a trader. It is one of the best pieces of advice I ever got. Let the trade come to you. One aspect of discipline is patience. Just like the spider in the web. Unfortunately, this all too often an acquired talent. A trait developed over time and over a rising pile of failed trades and lost money. May your pile not be as large as mine.
  13. Hi James, As per TS at the NY Expo, Tradestation is coming out with a replay feature in there version 9 release. Stay tuned.
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