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  1. So, would you advise to read both of his books? If so, in any particular order? I have heard great things about his work!
  2. I wanted to start a thread about forming a trading entity. I know the first step to this process is being consistently profitable. I know many on this site are indeed "trading for a living". I have been reading some info on a few of the traders accounting sites such as http://www.greencompany.com For those of you who have done this, could you give some of the steps that you took as well as the reasoning behind it. And for those who have decided not to, what made you decide your route? I think this could be a very helpful thread as trader's move up the ranks of professional trading.
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    Need Advice

    cmc, it really depends what instrument you are trading. you will find that many members here trade futures. (es, ym, nq) therefore, scottrade would not be appropriate. maybe you could tell us a little more about your situation: what you trade, how often you trade, strategy, analysis style, etc... there are many top notch individuals at this site, let us know more about what you do, and i can assure you that you will get great insight.
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    Trading Log?

    if not this product, what do you guys use to record your daily trades?
  5. I am also very interested in starting down the vsa path. It can be alot to look at. I currently use mp and candles in my trading...thanks for the input
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    Trading Log?

    Anyone have any experience with this product? Schedule D - Wash Sale Software for Traders
  7. I am wondering/looking for what you guys use each day to record your daily trades and their P&L. I guess you could export it from your broker to excel... I did not know if there was a good program out there that anyone uses?
  8. Great thread BF. I love your candlestick analysis. Lets keep this thread going.
  9. Good read. This is what I am dealing with currently. I have been having solid entries, and have been scaling out at a certain point gain, say 1-2 points. Then I will move my stop up, but I still find myself selling the final portion after another point or two. I see the profits, and I am quick to sell and book the profit. I tell myself not to be greedy, but then I will often see the trade continue to go in my favor another few points. I guess it is the question of how much you want to squeeze out of the trade. Soul said that having a target helps, and I am working on that. I do think that having a soft target where you think price is going, will help to hold on. But it is still tough to watch a few retracements and seeing your trade profit ride the wave... Solid article...
  10. Can someone explain to me who uses Infinity, why one would not just go through TransAct Futures? Isnt the Infinity platform a reproduction of TransAct's platform? Why use a middleman? I am demo-ing platforms right now, and will be demo-ing these soon...I just wanted to know why I should not just go straight to TransAct for the demo?
  11. I would like to start a thread where you post which emini market you trade and why. I know it is said that you need to find the market that fits your personality and your trading strategy...well, that is what this thread is for. Why does your personality or trading strategy fit the market you trade? What do you see different between the various emini markets? Observations? Fire Away...
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