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  1. If you enjoyed one of those speakers over another, here is additional presentations by each of them... (click this link) http://www.hotcomm.com/virmeetCID_EWP_ARCHIVE.asp?CID=YMDZYQ&UAPW=XAAQ2X&MID=DATTGR&UID For Doug Hirschhorn explaining "The Fear of Missing out" use Event ID - BTHUAC For Denise Shull explaining "The Truth about Impulse Trades" use Event ID - QY4MZR For Brett Steenbarger's take on "The Structure of Emotions and Markets: Capturing Market Micro-Psychology" use Event ID - E7QA4B
  2. Watch three renowned experts in the field: Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D., Doug Hirschhorn, Ph.D., and Denise K. Shull, M.A. conduct a no-nonsense discussion and answer questions about what it really takes to attain peak performance electronic trading This is well worth taking a couple hours to watch/listen... http://www.cme.com/edu/events/od/peakperformance.html#video
  3. Chad this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for your time! I look forward to anything else you have indeed... Paul:cool:
  4. Chad, Thanks for your reply, I was looking for something like a single profile built off all the 30-minute bars of the last couple years (and encompassing the last couple years). Really a set of 6 month profiles over 2 years ( 4 profiles ) is exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't sure whether the cash or futures data was the most accessible so either would work. Thanks a lot! Paul:cool:
  5. This is getting pretty hairy Fed:doh:USD:doh: stocks:doh: sub prime loans:doh: BSC for $2 :doh:
  6. Hey does anyone have market profile charts of the INDU or S&P over the last couple years? Something like a blended profile, or a series of them?
  7. Thank you very much for these concise notes!
  8. Brownsfan great thread... Have you considered diversifying across different asset classes and time frames? I have found that venturing into markets im not totally familiar with and devoting some of my time to developing an edge in that market keeps me on my toes. Same with timeframes. In essense my motivator is confirming the fact that I could go into any market on many diferent timeframes and make money consistantly. This to me is really important...
  9. It's difficult to pick just one considering that there has never been a comprehensive enough book ever published. But to take a stab I would say... Mind Over Markets I say MoM because it teaches one critical element of successful trading and that is latteral thought.
  10. Thanks for sharing that with us James!
  11. cool post, amazing to think of the advances we'll all see during our lifetimes...
  12. dandxg, You may like to look into using monday and tuesday's range on the Ags as an IB for a big picture perspective.
  13. Here's an excellent blog post from Ray Barros regarding some Market Profile concepts http://tradingsuccess.com/blog/normal-range-in-the-market-profile-213.html If you haven't heard of his blog it's certainly worth checking out! http://www.tradingsuccess.com/blog/
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