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  1. I am finding out quickly, as I am sure some of you have that as Crabel suggests these strats work best on day preceding low volatility, NR7, ID, etc
  2. Thanks very much again. I am halfway through 2003's and have learned alot. I thought I knew most of what Fisher did but I have learned alot of new stuff.
  3. Would it be possible for some nice person to upload to the 2005 seminar on file sharing, if available? Good trading to all. Dan
  4. I just need the VAL, VAH, and POC for yesterday's levels for CL not interested in the charting so don't want to buy indicators. Easy enough to get for ES, YM, but not CL? TIA
  5. I am familiar with Fulcrums posts let me see if I can help, in the meantime. Fulcrum uses, last time I read, DTN IQ NX core, with Investor RT. Most would be fine with IQ feed regular. You could try Market Delta, very similar, for free, for 30 days but doesn't store historical data. TradeStation is notorious for bottlenecking on high volume bursts.
  6. OFA has a proprietary calculation its not 6 tick reversal, but 6 ticks work pretty well so does 6 range. Take the demo, they are pretty nice guys. I just refuse to pay $2500 for their education class to use their software to learn what I learning for alot less from IOAMT. Some of OFA's set ups are the same as IOAMT they wait for a high volume spike at low or high then when those traders are upside down they fade em'. You can get a few ideas from watching tradersforce on you tube also.
  7. I am hoping some nice individual can help. I would like to know where you go for the open interest numbers and change calculations. There are more than one offerings from CME which makes it a bit confusing. For instance, you have http://www.cmegroup.com/daily_bulletin/preliminary_voi/VOIREPORT.pdf The first appears to calculate net change for you, the last 2 you need to do yourself, subtract the delta. I don't understand why there is one for final and one pre-clearing? I am familiar with COT but it has serious lag IMO. TIA. Good trading to all. Dan
  8. Thanks much Alley B. I appreciate the time a professional such as yourself gives back. It does makes sense when you think about it logically .
  9. Hmm, I am not getting any of these replies? Soultrader? I always check the junk mail too. I just started today with Alexander Trading's $5 trial for 2 weeks. It's only been a day, his partner Harris moderated and did a good job of explaining MP/ AMT theory concepts. A few years back when I made an effort to learn it, it just didn't stick. I get the merges but the splits just seemed so subjective. On a side note I tried Market Delta and its info overload for me.
  10. Thanks, I was originally drawn to MP looking for a better S/R. I guess its like any other form of trading different viewpoints to the same picture.
  11. Kudos, I didn't think about the obvious 20 day in a trading month. Logical enough. Look forward to other constructive feedback.
  12. I have studied MP and there are some things that I could never figure out. Maybe some nice people can answer them? 1. Why is price attracted to a balance area, a high volume area? I have never hand anyone explain that logically. Is it because it needs a re-test? Because price has traded there? To me it makes sense that if there is a high volume node is at the high price then it won't retest there because there was a lot of selling at that high. 2. What about the subjectivity with MP. You have splits, merges, profile, default 30 min, etc? On ET a guy just mentioned you could have seen on Cisco futures 20 day chart that there is resistance at this level and this level. 20 days charts never heard of such thing in MP? Most seem to advocate the 30 min profile? This is what lead me back to Wyckoff and VSA. I just couldn't figure out how to deal with what seemed so much subjectivity. Not that Wyckoff and/or VSA are perfect by any means. 3. When you are looking at MP and you see some high volume nodes and no volume profile in between them I have heard people rationalize that its going to move between there because there is nothing to stop it. Then price moves away from one of the two high volume nodes and moves back to it its because high volume nodes act as magnets? Huh? I believe MP to be a solid method, I would and do appreciate some feedback to my questions. Good trading to all. Happy Holidays. Dan
  13. I only have access to FFSC software for another day and their weekly cycle turn date is now March 19th and March 17 for daily. This stuff has a plus minus factor of 1 and I am still watching and learning with cautious dose of obtimism.
  14. Its funny you mention that because when I heard Tim Morge speak he said he really loves AP, but if it weren't for the often 3-1 R to R he wouldn't use it.
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