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  1. Hello Everyone, Name here is Simon. I'm from Byron Bay Australia and have been reading this forum for a while now. Just saying HI to each and everyone of you. I'm looking at getting back into intraday trading. So if anyone knows a good reliable futures broking firm let me know. Cheers, Simon
  2. Hi All, In the last a couple of months I had a few requests regarding the Mark Fisher seminar videos. Here they are, before they are gone again. http://www.delahunty.net.au/TL/fish_2007.swf http://www.delahunty.net.au/TL/fisher-1.wmv http://www.delahunty.net.au/TL/fisher-2.wmv http://www.delahunty.net.au/TL/fisher-3.wmv http://www.delahunty.net.au/TL/fisher-4.wmv http://www.delahunty.net.au/TL/fisher-5.wmv http://www.delahunty.net.au/TL/fisher-6.wmv http://www.delahunty.net.au/TL/intro-Nov-2003.wmv http://www.delahunty.net.au/TL/intronew-May2005.wmv ENJOY:rofl:
  3. Hi Mz Vega, Thanks for the link, I had a look at this site and it does show me the ASX opening times, is Forex market different or are we basing these times on the actual stock market in that country. (I know FX is open the entire week.) I also found out that the site does not work for EST times. (attached) I'll should be able to work something out. Thanks again.
  4. Hi All, Could someone tell me what are the current opening and closing times for the following forex markets in GMT time. Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York. (Are they all nine hours.) I'm writing a freeware market clock program, which I will later post here for all to use. I know there are lots of these around some in html format while others in binary format. This program will also have a bar countdown feature, some graphics, market local times and some other features. Any help will be much appreciated. Simon
  5. Hi Tams, It's been a while since I posted here on this forum. If you need to back up data there are two ways of doing this one way is using an external USB hard-drive. The problem with these is redundancy. Another method which I use myself is you either use an old box with some hard-drives on it or a purchase a new one and install FreeNas its based on Linux and its great. If you want redundancy just add multiple hard drives to the machine. I've got four here 2 TB in a RAID 5 configuration, I also have an UPS machine just in case there are power failures. Here is a link to the open source site. FreeNAS 8 | Storage For Open Source Hope this helps. Simon
  6. czesc Szymon,


    koordynuje zespol ktorego zadaniem jest stworzenie gieldy walutowej na zasadzie peer to peer -- podobnej do http://www.walutomat.pl,


    interesuja mnie materialy nt. algorytmu matchujacego,


    jezeli jestes w stanie jakos pomoc to daj znac


    serdecznie pozdrawiam





  7. Hi All, It's been a while since I posted here, haven't given up on this project yet. Here is a snapshot of it in action. I have written a chart application to handle the data which is now stored in a MS SQL database. Early days, but slow as at the moment I'm working on other projects. So a few hours on the weekends is as much time as I can devote. The application that displays this data is all written by me, I have incorporated Gann techniques into it, so it shows how effective they are and other bits and pieces. Happy Trading
  8. Hi TB, Thanks for your suggestion, I will have a look at this. Regards Simon
  9. Hi All, Can someone suggest a realtime data feed provider from a broker that also has a Microsoft .NET technology API component, at the moment I am using an OpenEcry but having difficulties with their API and current documentation? Any help will be much appreciated. Regards Simon
  10. Hi UrmaBlume,


    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


    A real eye opener.



  11. Thanks for the information snowbird. Simon
  12. Hi Annie, What time frames have you been trading those Forex pairs? What's your favorite setup? Regards Simon
  13. Hi All, Does anybody know where can I find previous day free POC, VAH and VAL futures levels? Is there a website? All help will be much appreciated. Thanks, Regards Simon
  14. So for example. I have two charts side by side and i want to use the close price of each of the instruments and create a separate indicator based on that. Regards Simon
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