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  1. If James tells me this site is not for serious traders but for science fiction buffs. Then I am out too and I WON'T be back.
  2. Darth , come back to earth. He is NOT banned. I still see him snooping around here reading various post from time to time. I challenged him to make a fool out of me by proving me wrong. He could'nt because probably because it won't make him a dime. But he sure abandoned you.
  3. Is the following, which is your post on another thread, wisdom of the master or just BS about trading ? "Most traders are just "over smart" when it comes to this area...too "smart" for their own good and miss the obviousness of the context of the data they are trying to analize..."Context" to me is exactly what holds current AI research back, but that is a tangent. A Boltzmann Machine is much more obvious than any kind of Back-Propagation training BS...Even more obvious though is ant colony optimization in reverse of a tick database to weight probabilistic paths..hint, hint." BTW, you have to good in math to be a quant, I went to MIT. What school did you go to ?
  4. All I did was asking him what data feed he uses. You are mad because you are a sucker, they are borned every minute.
  5. The poker guy left because he can't make a dime here.
  6. Gain data on NinjaTrader is good if you look at 5 minute charts or higher. Unless you have an account with Gain Capital, the 1 minute chart is not very good. An ECN broker is better.
  7. In my opinion the worst case scenario is that they may eventually pass a transaction tax on stocks only that is much smaller percentage than what they have proposed . You can rest assure that there will never be a transaction tax on futures. Beside the above reasons that futures were exempted over a hundred years since the days of Wyckoff and Gann. It is inconceivable that they will punish CBOT and CME, the pride and joy of Chicago's financial community, for the mortgage securities mess. After all Chicago is the hometown of Obama. Do I hear veto ?
  8. Look on the brighter side, between 1914 and 1966(more than 50 years), US had a transfer tax of 0.2 percent on stocks, But the futures market seemed to be exempted. Aha ! My take is that the futures market would not work without liquidity provided by the small speculators who take the other side of the trade of the hedgers. There is no large mutual funds or pension funds to provide that liquidity in the futures market !
  9. No, this is a transaction tax not income tax. They will collect from the clearing firms, they in turn will deduct out of your account. I imagine it is very much like the exchange fees you are paying now
  10. I put it in my Japanese tea cup. :missy:
  11. MP Value Areas can be represented better by circles or ellipses than boxes.:missy:
  12. How about Red Bull and Ginkgo Biloba ?
  13. Well, actually you can combine this "geometry" stuff with Wyckoff principles. It is definitely a fascinating area for new research. :beer:
  14. When a scalp trade fails, it becomes an intra-day position trade. When an intra-day position trade fails, it becomes an overnight trade. When an overnight trade fails, and you go back to your day job and become a swing trader. :rofl:
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