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  1. Hi The posted code has been removed as I'm not the original "writer". onesmith - Thanks for trying to help. Cheers
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply. - MC Status is ON...Subchart #1...Base study on 1 - Max No. of bars study will reference is "auto detect"...makes no difference if I input a "user specified" amount. - When curser moved over bar, data window shows ATR Trailing Short Stop/Long Stop as "blank"..I would expect to see the value of the (not as yet) plotted line which is the trailing Long/Short stop line. Indicator "scaling" tab is set to "Screen, use margins, Linear" ticked...Have tried other settings within "Scaling" without success. Indicator "Properties" tab "advanced" all ticked - Have tried "un-ticking" these without success. Moderated Message: Moderated
  3. Hi All I currently use Tradestation but am trialing Multicharts. One problem Ive had is getting an indicator to "display" in Multicharts as per Tradestion. Is this likely to something in the "code" eventhough its "compiled" without error & study is added to the chart or more likely something in the Multichart "settings" I need to tweek. Ive tried adjusting various chart/window settings without success but accept I may be missing something very obvious! I didnt write the code (I'm not a coder) and just imported the indicator (an ATR trailing stop) from my Tradestation. Any hints, advice, ..solution;) appreciated Cheers
  4. What % of daily volume traded in the actual ES / Futures markets is attributed to HFT ?
  5. Is it ?..Does it? ES RTH is 9.30am to 4.15 pm est = 6.75 hrs (405 mins) anyway, 7.5 hrs = 450 mins...(390mins =6.5hrs) What am I missing or am I just tired ?
  6. Hmmm.... the Homepage (Tradestation.com) has a blue box marked "pricing"...Have you looked there ? :doh:
  7. I had a major problem with OEC today Platform down....Couldn't even get through to trade desk on phone....Even their website was down ! Anyone else ?
  8. Excellent.....As YOU back full disclosure you'll obviously have no objection to providing some evidence to back up your claims of being a currently successful trader ....(not in the pit as the street is littered with failed ex locals /pit/ Institutional traders) ? Thanks
  9. Here's one for those who wish to "play" ..... ARORA
  10. Yes...something strange going on there. Apart from the wick being different, in the period from approx 8.15>9.30 things have changed into completely different candle formations.ie 1 x large down, followed by 2 x inside down candles....changes to. 2 x large down then up candles. And the breakout bar (10.45am?,last bar in 1st pic)...on the 2nd pic it didn't make a new high above the blue line. Worth investigating indeed.
  11. :rofl:.... ok. Anyway... as per the webinar info from TTM...."...The live trading room is geared towards small lot (1-3 contract) traders ..." How does adding 6 contracts to 1 ..or "slapping down 9 cars"... fit in with the above directive ? Seems "The Hoff" cant even stick to the simple game plan when he feels the "pressure" of just 1 contract going 15 ticks offside....Oh dear
  12. I see.... and that is relevant to my review of "his style" how exactly ?
  13. Popped in the free room again today... Seems not much has changed in the "The Hoff's" style . - Entered with 1 x ctrct on TF - price moves about 15 ticks offside. - Some humming and hahing about adding maybe 3....or maybe 4 contracts to "improve cost average" - moves a bit further south so decides to add 6 contacts . - Takes the loss after some further downside movement Move along now folks, nothing to see here.......its business as usual
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