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  1. Koyasan and Pips, thanks for your great posts. I'm glad to see that there are people who really get it. I think most of the people on this forum and others do get it and understand, but then you always have some people that have to press things to such an intense level. What both of you said is really profound, but I just know someone is going to come back with a smartass, gotta ruffle the feathers reply about how none of this makes sense.
  2. joseph, does it really matter to you if me, jack or anyone else here or any other forum is making money trading. no! personally, i look around because i get bored and i want to see what is going on. i guess the same curiosity that drove me to come up with a trading method is the same that leads me to looking around. and it's not just trading forums. i have other interests that also have blogs or forums that i check out as well. it's funny how when people who do make money trading do make some comments and they're not believed. i think most people with any common sense can probably tell the difference between the real deal and the BS. sometimes my posts are harsh because i see people who are on a track going nowhere and i always make suggestions about what to do or not do. i truly hope all of you make it trading. i really do. there are some good places to go out there to learn to trade and/or get a good basis for getting better. i hope you can find one and get after it. if the price is reasonable, spend it. do some research, but don't squabble and be critical of everyone that wants money to learn what they know. good luck if you find one though. anything over a $1000 deserves a really hard look and probably is not good. you want to learn to trade, not just buy something that is suppose to kick out money why you do nothing. do it right. you have to look at charts by the thousands. if that is something that bores you and doesn't interest you, then trading isn't for you. read al brooks' books about price action trading. that man spent over 20,000 hours learning to identify setups off the 5 minute chart. read his books over and over again and i guarantee you will come away with some great information that will help your trading. good luck.
  3. xtra, i think you pretty much make my point about people saying things like you did. schwartz is considered one of the greatest traders ever and he did it for a long time and he made millions. i think reasonable minds can agree that he certainly made it work pretty well, did he not? i think we can leave it at that.
  4. Let me add something to my post that I forgot. To all those people again who say indicators don't work, etc., I suggest you read Pit Bull, the book about Marty Schwartz. The guy made hundreds of thousands of dollars per day trading futures and he used a 10 moving average and stochastics. He also liked looking at Fib numbers. As I said above, any of it will work once you figure out how to make it work for you. So, when any of you make statements about how all this stuff won't work, think about Marty Schwartz, perhaps the greatest trader ever. Your arguments start and end there. And if you think Marty Schwartz is somehow different than you and all others, then you don't have a very high opinion of yourself and you probably need to stop any pursuit of trading before you lose all your money and then some.
  5. Koyasan, you are the very type person I was hoping would respond when I originally started this thread. Everything you said I can relate to and live it everyday. I know what you mean and where you're coming from. I have an incredibly successful system that wo I call it jokingly, "stupid." What do I mean by stupid? After 18 years and countless hours of looking at charts beyond number, I came upon a simple method that if I were to show it here, which I won't, each and every person here who has been trading for a little while would say, "no way that will work consistently." Koyasan, like me, has found a method that works for him. We all take different routes, but usually spend thousands of dollars before we finally get there. Koyasan has indicated that his method is not simple, but he has put together something that works for him. That's all that matters. Unless you have a goal for your trading profits beyond just trading, trading sucks in my opinion. It's mundane and boring. They say boring trading leads to being successful and that is true to a large degree. But, beyond that, like Koyasan, I need to feel I am doing something that is worthwhile, that matters. And that is exactly what I do with my trading. If I were trading just for trading sake, I think I would do something else. But, let me repeat this. Most people here and at all the other sites are not successful. And what cracks me up is how they make all the insane comments about how this or that won't work. How can you possibly make such stupid statements when you can't even trade and make money. Stop making such insane statements. Any of it will work, indicators, price only, etc., once you finally figure out how it works for you and you only. But in the meantime, think about what you're saying because it has no value to anyone, especailly when you can't back it up. I may decide one day to share my method here and prove out the profits just to shut people up, but right now, I don't need to. I have no desire to even do a blog or whatever else it is all these other people do to try and show people how great they are at trading when in fact they aren't. It's like old man Sam Walton who use to wear worn overalls and drive a beat up old truck, yet he was worth billions. He didn't have to show off and it didn't matter what anyone else thought. He had it made and he knew it. I am not implying that I am in Walton's category financially at all, but when you know you are doing it or have it, it doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks. Spend whatever money you need to to take the next step to learn how to trade. Keep you head down and it will come. Thanks again Koyasan for your great post.
  6. Steve46, despite all the comments about you here, you still don't get it. I posted initially asking you to let it go and let spooky do his thing. It's like you have to constantly be confrontational and put down every single thing spooky says. You are not the resident market wizard. As I understand it, anyone is invited to come and share what they know with others. If you want to start your own thread to continue your comments, then please take it somewhere else. I think you will find that everyone is 100% in agreement with me on that. Thanks.
  7. Hey Steve, is there any reason why you have to keep interjecting your negativity into a thread when someone is taking his time to share and teach others. If you don't agree or like what Spooky is saying why don't you go elsewhere on the site or just not say anything. Don't you think the people on the board have enough intelligence to make their own decision regarding anything Spooky has to say without your input. Please leave it alone. Your comments are taking up space that could be filled with more contructive thinking. Spooky is sharing what he does and how he makes money. If you make money a different way than him, that's great. I ask that you let the rest of us listen to Spooky without your play by play analysis. Thank you.
  8. Ole, I haven't read Beck's book, but it sounds pretty good. Pesavento, in hind sight, could have and should have done more, which he knows, but many other books have come out since that have certainly expanded on the subject. ironically, i've never really had much success using the gartley, but I do like the butterfly pattern with the Fib 127 ext. You typically get a bounce or reversal at that point or at the 1.618. Lots of different names have also come out for different formations. Not sure how well they all work.
  9. Nice article. I credit my friend, Larry Pesavento, for being the one to bring this pattern to the attention of traders several years ago in his books.
  10. MoscowMan, I totally agree with your post. I just wanted to see what kind of response I would get from people. But, you are right on. There is no one on this entire board, including myself, who can honestly say they are making a lot of money trading. My trading did drastically change for the better when I stopped looking for every possible strategy and/or indicator under sun. I came across Sam Seiden and started trading based on supply and demand, which I overlooked for years because I thought it was too simple to work. I thought I needed something more complex. But, trading using supply and demand will never stop working. Never! Sam Seiden has a unique way he identifies supply and demand and I can honestly say you can make money more consistently doing it that way. At least I have. The times I don't make money are always because I got greedy and decided to do something different, like trada a breakout, which I have never had success doing. But, when I stick to the plan of trading only supply and demand, I will make money. Supply and demand trading set me free as far as trading and being able to make money to actually use to buy many things or do things. The reason is is because it works.
  11. i have observed for a long time individuals posting lots and lots of strategies, systems, etc., but does anyone dare to post a setup that they can say has produced consistent results over an extended period of time. all of the other ideas are great, but one can't be successful if he's always looking for a strategy or system. is there anyone here on this forum that has worked on the floor, been trained by a very successful trader, or learned a setup from working with one of the big institutions or brokers. just curious to see what we come up with. thanks.
  12. I have traded this particular pattern for many years and the reason is, it works! This is a pattern I look for every single day and almost always take it for a trade when it complete. If you haven't been looking for the Three Drives pattern, I would encourage you to do so. You will be glad you did. It works very well with futures.
  13. Does anyone out there use or know of a very reliable indicator that identifies order flow on the ES. If you are hesitant to make your own indicator public, please send me a private email. I will respect your privacy. Thanks.
  14. Great post on price action. You are right on. Once a trader becomes comfortable with how the market moves, you have then most likely changed your destination in regards to being successful in the market.
  15. don't want TOS or IB. if you know of any others that are really good with execution, i would appreciate knowing about them. thanks for your reply.
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