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  1. Im looking to compare the releases of CPI % changes and their forecasted %changes to the reaction from the markets in the charts , and want to have several decades of data to work with. Is there a place i can find this? im probably missing something really obvious or it doesn't exist :/
  2. i want to demo trade stock in the evenings really. Im in the UK so the 9 - 4 times of the american markets are 2 - 9 here which is easy. i just want to become adept at a trading platform as cheaply as i can that i can then go onto use with my own capital once i feel comfortable with it and have a tested method. i have no programming skills hope this helps
  3. Im looking for some charting software i can use to begin demotrading and developing a trading method. Im looking to do this for free or as close to as possible Ninjatrader claims its a free download but it asks for a Market Data Provider and Brokerage Provider. Im considering Kinetick and IB for both of these but will they end costing me a monthly fee? even though im still trying to learn Are there cheaper options that are proper? e.g. not trying demotrade using google finance Anything ive missed? cheers
  4. I keep reading of scenarios where someone has lost say $8000 on a trade gone bad or they ve got too greedy and i m puzzled as to why they just didnt use a simple stop to lock in profits? Also why do people use mental stops rather than ones set with a broker ? Stops seem to be the best defence a trader has at protecting their principal, nothing to lose yet plenty to gain
  5. wow thanks for the info ive found this.... ACER Aspire PT.SGKE2.159 Desktop Computer - Intel Core i7 i7-2600 3.40 GHz from Hardware Saints - the best prices on the web seems to have a real good processor for the money , 4GB DDR3 RAM that i can upgrade as well and 1TB hard drive i think this could be the one
  6. i currently have a low spec macbook which is pretty much useless for software as nothing except TOS is compatible , and TOS doesnt let users in the UK sign up for some reason. i want to buy a newish desktop that will last a good amount of time and i can use solely for trading . i can use my mac for all other things and will use it for news whilst using desktop for trading. my plan is to swing and day trade, using Ninjatrader to demo for a months to get the feel. How much RAM do you guys have? and what spec network card? cheers for feedback so far
  7. What do you think a Desktop computer needs for trading online? im under the impression that top-of-the-range isnt needed, as running trading/charting software is surely way less taxing than running a recent pc game online, for example World of Warcraft. Ninjatrader and Tradestation's sites have both said 2GB RAM minimum, so im thinking 8 GB to be safe. ive also heard that the video card is probably the most vital in keeping lag down, so 32bit? also coupled with 6 mb broadband seems like a 400 - 500 dollar PC would do.
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone! i neglected to look at the software section for pricing for Tradestation and now i have i may cross that from the list. What would the difference be then between sim trading with Ninjatrader or a broker like IB? Are brokers level 2? or is everything level 2 nowadays?
  9. I am looking for a trading platform to start up on , as cheap as i can get it really. I am going to be swing trading and day trading stocks and am going to start with 10 000 pounds initially when I start trading live. I need to be able to demo trade for a few months before hand. Ive heard good things about all of these platforms but am finding it hard to differentiate. Am i right in thinking Ninjatrader is the cheapest but lacks some of the features the others have? Open eCry boasted it had far more to offer than other platforms on its website , is this so? Ive seen videos of Soultrader using Tradestation and it looked straight forward and quick to use, but i havent found any price information on its website. Basically, which would you recommend? sorry if this is a bit garbled
  10. Hello, i am starting to learn about trading with a view to becoming a swing trader trading in stocks over weeks and up to a month or two. So far i have been using the internet for as much research as i can but id like to start learning by doing, by papertrading on my macbook. I have a few queries concerning this; should i papertrade through ninjatrader using parallels or bootcamp or use think or swim, even though i am from UK and it doesnt support the uk for somereason . id just sign up as US. ? more over could you give me some basic advice for starting out ? and direction i should aim my studying towards? please swathe some of my naivety Thanks in advance
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