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  1. roobin54

    EURUSD Discussions

    eur usd On the H4 TF, by reaching the price to a resistant level and the harmonic pattern being formed, we are observing a reversal. As long as this level is not broken above there would not be any expectation of a jump by the price and the continuation of the price slump is predicted.
  2. roobin54


    gbp jpy On the H4 TF, we are observing a reversal by having a bearish divergence happened. As it continues, we are expecting to see a drop to 169.00 area if the supply pressure rises.
  3. roobin54

    USD/Gold Forex

    gold On the H4 TF, We were observing a reversal after having a harmonic pattern being formed. Currently the price is floating around conversion area as well as downtrend line. A Bullish push will be seen by having the trend line broken around $1220 area.
  4. roobin54


    gbp jpy The price is moving inside a bullish equivalent channel on the H4 TF. A reversal will be on sight if the Ab=cd harmonic pattern is formed and its time is fulfilled. We are expecting to have the price dropped to the lower channel line by having the supply pressure in the market.
  5. roobin54


    gbp jpy We are witnessing an ab=cd harmonic pattern on the H4 TF. the expectation goes for the bearish case if the ground is ready and the supply excels to the demand.
  6. roobin54

    EURUSD Index

    eur usd The price is in 78.6% retracement range and a Reciprocal ab=cd harmonic pattern is seen. We are expecting to see it rose if it’s good to go and having the demand increased. pcm-fx.com/forums/
  7. roobin54

    EURUSD Discussions

    eur usd The price is inside an uptrend channel while fluctuating and we are witnessing an Inv ab=cd harmonic pattern. Its time will be fulfilled till Nov. 6th . we are expecting to see a growth if the ground is prepared as well. pcm-fx.com/forums/
  8. roobin54


    gold The price is moving inside an ab=cd harmonic pattern area on the H4 TF and till Oct. 15, 2013 the time will be fulfilled. We expect to witness it growing if the demand overcomes the supply pressure. PCM Brokers Forums
  9. roobin54


    usdx We can see the downward trend line is breaking by happening a positive divergence in the H4 TF. We expect the price to grow by having it stabilized above the trend line. http://pcm-fx.com/englishforum/forum.php
  10. roobin54


    gold We can see an ab=cd harmonic pattern in the H1 TF. we are expecting to have a rising move if the price gets stabilized above $1300. http://pcm-fx.com/englishforum/forum.php
  11. roobin54

    EURUSD Discussions

    :ciao: PCM Brokers Forums
  12. roobin54

    Aud Nzd

    aud nzd As you see in the following image on the H4 TF, we are witnessing a reversal by the price after a shark pattern and a positive divergence are formed simultaneously. We are expecting a bullish move by having the down trend line broken around 1.1375.
  13. roobin54


    The price is fluctuating in a consolidation range in the M30 TF. we are expecting a trendy move by getting it out of the area. PCM Brokers Forums
  14. hi We can see an ab=cd harmonic pattern in the H4 TF. We’ll be having a bullish expectation if the condition favors towards bulls side.
  15. roobin54

    EURUSD Discussions

    eur usd alt bat PCM Brokers Forums
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