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  1. Very cute Jashanno! Yep, same here trying to avoid the pee and poop.
  2. hehe thanks Kiwi. Yep, sleepless nights.... luckily the markets have been interesting for me lately enough to stay up through the US hours. But yea, once this volatility levels down I might start cutting back on time
  3. First clip of my daughter... had to post this; too funny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKqvHz8KG-4
  4. I apologize for the delay. My wife gave birth yesterday to a baby girl so have been busy and away recently. TL has switched ownership and a new team has been in effective since late April. TL has been one of the greatest and most valuable experiences for me. I have the utmost respect for the TL community and believe it has done a tremendous job providing value to the trading community. Running TL alone, I have had my limitations mainly due to time restraints from trading and other business endeavors, TL deserves a proper dedicated team that can preserve the community and also take the site to the next level. I believe the current new team are the right one for this task. I thank you all for years of support. We have many leaders here on TL which I am very happy to see and do wish the best to everyone in their trading endeavors, Although I will be stepping down from community management, I plan to be a more active member now that I wont be receiving admin privileges Regards, James Lee Founder of TradersLaboratory.com
  5. In order to overcome this, a buddy of mine trades 1 semi-automated strategy on a daily basis. This has allowed him to trade without emotions. My first year I went through the same mistake of having my emotions take over my actions. To overcome this, I spent alot of time reflecting on my own personality and discovering many bad habits that I possessed. From then it was a gradual process of fixing these traits and also admitting to them. Having a sound strategy that you are confident with will eliminate the necessity to place trades that do not fit your style. Having a solid trading plan will also assist in this process. Perhaps you may want to take a step back and paper trade for some time to build back your confidence as well as discover strategies that you would want to take. Eliminate the noise. Hope this helps.
  6. A = Actual trading (watching the DOM, entering orders, etc..) B = Trading methods review, review of the day’s trading, record keeping, etc.. C = Researching new methods, reading books, reading TL for new trading ideas My numbers are as follows: A - 12 hours B - 3 hours C - 0.5 hours A and B are overlapping since I am watching the markets during Asian hours all the way to US morning while reviewing stuff throughout the day. C is something I have cut drastically over the past year. I have stopped learning new or other peoples method but instead sharpening my own.
  7. 1. Unlearn what you've learned 2. Becoming aware of your faults 3. Rediscovering yourself 4. Accepting what you thought was impossible
  8. Anyone in the domain trading business? It's been my recent hobby collecting unique domain names. About $8 or so to register a .com and usually goes for multiples of it. My first sale recently netted 25x my initial investment. Just took part in a local auction and bought http://www.mobilenews.jp for about $300. Obviously looking to flip this domain a for a few thousand or more preferably to mobile related businesses in Japan. Anyone have any experience with this?
  9. I saw Wall Street for the first time in my late teens. I fell in love with it and attracted me to the financial markets. (Boiler Room was another influence) I must of watched Wall Street over a dozen times so far. I am definitely looking forward to seeing this flick when it comes out.
  10. Addressing to the graduate class of the Buckley School. For those who have not had a chance to see the documentary "Trader", I highly recommend it. Other interviews: http://www.absolutereturn-alpha.com/Article/1964189/Paul-Tudor-Jones-II.html Paul Tudor Jones - Perfect Failure Speech June 2009.pdf
  11. FYI... directory provided by CME Group. Pretty useful stuff. CME-248_PropFirmDirect_HIres.pdf
  12. Hi all, Managed to obtain a MC license for myself. Im particulary interested in seeking help converting this indicator Blu-Ray created in a seperate forum. It is similar to TradeFlow provided by CQG. If anyone can help convert this to MC format it would be appreciated. Im still new to MC so will take some time getting used to. Thanks. James 7225d1215003338-bid-ask-indicator-similar-tradeflow-cqg-tradeflow.eld
  13. Happy New Year folks!!! First shout out from Tokyo! Thank you all for making TL a wonderful community again and best of 2010. This year I spent the New Years at a local temple enjoying the more traditional culture of Japan.
  14. The margin per contract for Korean brokers is usuallly $20k per contract. So a $10k would not be possible. Also due to the volatility a $10k would not be recommended.
  15. Pit covers different session times. They are traded on the floor instead of Globex which is traded electronically. Pit session is from 9:30am to 13:15pm Chicago time. Also note that the electronic contract has not been around longer than the pit. So the pit carries more historical data. More info: Soybeans (pit also known as open outcry) Ive been informed that Soybeans on Globex was launched on January 13, 2008.
  16. No problem, here is Soybeans pit back till 1983. There is a period of 2-3 years missing in the early 2000 era. Soybeans Pit.xls
  17. Found this at the airport bookstore as well and looked interesting. Ended up buying Rigged by Ben Mezrich.
  18. My present for you CL data back till 1987 including O-H-L-C and volume. Crude Light (CL).xls
  19. Korea is definitely a long shot although the exchanges and FCM's are now working on attractive international clients. KRX guys did seem a little arrogant though. HK would be interesting as they also list Chinese companies. I do think that capital gains tax laws will be a key factor for firms entering these countries. Infrastructure as well and the social factors that would allow ex-pats to live and adjust easily. Singapore seems to be one of the most friendliest nations in Asia for foreigners. Its just that the market is still small.
  20. After returning from FIA Singapore, one of the hottest topics discussed was the next Asian financial hub. Tokyo is gradually losing its position due to the political uncertainty, financial regulatory inflexibility, and too expensive to do business in Tokyo. Add the fact that Japan lacks english speaking ability. China does not currently have a futures market either and Asia's fixed income market is rather immature compared to the west. Where do you think the next Asian financial center will be? Please cast your votes and let us know what you think.
  21. This can be done by visiting the user profile and going to Statistics. (snapshot attached)
  22. For traders looking to trade the Asian markets, Kospi futures is perhaps one of the most exciting contracts to trade. Highly liquid and volatile enough to keep the average day trader interested. Here is a snapshot of the DOM in action: And here is a snapshot of a 5 minute chart. For those interested, we also have a thread dedicated to Kospi futures. This can be found here. Which broker has access to Kospi? There are not many brokers that offer the Kospi contract. Ideally, traders would want to access a broker locally in Korea. As all Korean securities firms are also FCM's, this means that there is no middleman to pass your orders through. This eliminates any unnecessary commission costs. Due to the high demand and inquiry for Asian products, we have partnered with NH Futures, a local Korean FCM that provides excellent english speaking support and top of the line trading tools from CQG. In fact CQG Trader is offered for free. Our aim is to provide TL! traders with access to quality brokers whom we trust and respect. Traders deserve the best service, support, competitive commission rates, and tools. To learn more about NH Futures, please visit this page here: http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/nhfutures/
  23. Hi Tams, Perhaps you can help. The coding for the code wrap box is listed below. I tried changing the $stylevar[codeblockwidth] to 100% but didnt do the trick. Would you know which code snippted might need changing? Thanks. <div class="quotebox" style="margin:20px; margin-top:5px; width: $stylevar[codeblockwidth];"> <table cellpadding="$stylevar[cellpadding]" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%"> <tr> <td> <div> <div class="q_top"><div class="q_tr"> <div class="orgpos_left"><div class="orgpos_right"> <div class="original_poster"> $vbphrase : <div class="clr"></div> </div> </div></div> </div></div> </div> <div class="quoteboxbg"> <div class="clr q_left"><div class="q_right"><div class="q_bottom"><div class="q_bl"><div class="q_br"> <div class="quote_text"> <pre style=" margin: 0px auto; padding: 10px ; width: $stylevar[codeblockwidth];` text-align: left; overflow: auto; ">$code</pre> </div> </div></div></div></div></div> </div> </td> </tr> </table> </div> <!-- PRE TAG STYLE : height: {$blockheight}px; -->
  24. This probably wont apply for you, but the real estate regulations in Japan are the following: Proof of income is required. If your rent exceeds over around 30% of your annual income, you will most likely get rejected. In order to move in first months rent is required. In addition they have whats called "shiki kin" and "rei kin" which is the biggest bs system in the world. "Shiki kin" and "rei kin" usually take up another 4 months rent. So moving anywhere requires a 5 - 6 month deposit which is non refundable. I shed almost $20k a few months ago just to move into my new apartment. What interested me when I was in London though was that you could rent on a weekly basis. Since my last name is "Lee" (non Japanese) I had to get insured by a insurance company just to rent. Talk about discrimination despite being Japanese.
  25. Thread is closed due to misleading reviews. This tends to be the case for any review thread and as I result we may decide to remove this altogether. Thanks.
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