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  1. PH I might look for a long on this tomorrow. Nice bounce of solid support level.
  2. Jon, Could you post a couple screen shots of levels you would consider right now on the 6E? Do you still trade Oil at all?
  3. My best setup of the day was a buy at break up from green line coming of the after hour low.
  4. I sure miss the days of posting here on a daily basis. I am definitely considering getting back to my oil trading if I can spare the time.
  5. Sell setup of the day on oil was at the blue arrow for me. Price touched low of the day level, went up to touch the after hours low and then broke down for a good run.
  6. SVU Got long on this yesterday at 9.40. If it breaks down below ~8.50 i'll be out. I liked the volume support at the test of the major low from 2008.
  7. Haha. Yeah, crude is way better. Someday I'll get back to my crude trading.
  8. I normally don't hold through earnings but FEED has had so many good ones that I might have held through even if I had remembered earnings were coming out.
  9. FEED SOLD Well, I got worked by a bad earnings/new event on FEED. Even if I had had my stop loss move up, the morning gap down was too large too handle. I sold everything at 2.60 so I only made 11% when 2 days ago I was up 42%. There are so many ways to screw up in this game.
  10. I'd be looking for multiple failures to break through resistance, lower lows, trendline break, etc. I was close to getting out of FEED because it has tested the $3 area several times but didn't make any lower lows after testing so I hung in there.
  11. Still holding. My exit strategy is to basically get out when the chart shows some end to the up trend.
  12. FEED Still going strong on this position.
  13. FEED Finally got some bigger movement on this one. My basis 2.33.
  14. I was worried about my position for a few days but today is looking good with some nice volume on the move up.
  15. Today turned out well for the FEED position.
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