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  1. RESULTS and UPDATE: OK it's been about 8 weeks since I started to demo trade the method and I am super happy with the results. I started with a 5k account and it is now $6,350 (I can show all the trade details to anyone interested) I've been around this business along time and this is one of the best approaches to trading I have ever used. I am still trying to build my live money account so I am happy to share this with ONE person still if anyone is interested
  2. Hello Everyone I was recently referred to a man here in Toronto that has been a professional FX Trader for the last 3 years full time. I actually went over to his home and met his family and saw his workstation and saw his monthly PnL Statements. With a 20,000 FX account he has averaged $4000 per month for the last 3 years pretty consistently. He was referred to me by a personal friend that took his training 3 months ago and was thrilled with the results. I worked out a deal with him for training and I asked him if he would mind if I found a partner to share the cost with and he said he didn't mind at all, so long as I teach them separately from our time. What I am looking for is for someone to share the cost $2000 of the $6000 Training fee and I will teach you everything that he teaches me. His training is 2 nights a week for 2 hours for 4 weeks total. So 16 hrs. Once he teaches me I will get on the phone / computer and teach you everything that I learned during the session. If anyone is interested please pm me and let me know.
  3. In the spirit of all the good work Thales and others have put into this thread. Red Arrow 1 Distribution Red Arrow 2 More Distribution Green Arrow Price Stalls which means either 1. Distribution has exhausted itself or 2. It was not distribution but rather it was Accumulation. Blue Box Price settles into a range. Green Buy Arrow Is where the buyers took control and the trade was entered for a retest of the range highs. Red Square The trade was exited all out and closed completely at the close because the daily volume was not enough to warrant holding overnight.
  4. Thought I would chime in on this thread and say hellllooooo. Great read so far and I will see if I can contribute a little if it's wanted?
  5. ok thanks ! too bad because I find learning through reading much more difficult then video.
  6. In the spirit of continued education. I've read most of the wyckoff material available but as I do not retain information from reading as easily as I do from video's, I ran across this site Traders Code by a guy named Kruger. I will not post the link as I do not want to give the guy a free plug but if anyone has any feedback on his video series please let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  7. Does anyone have a good source for these ? Thanks
  8. 86834 I read through your blog and several of your posts on this subject. 1. I've been in this business since 1980 and when I was your age I was living the same lifestyle you are by 1987. Approximately the same span of your existing career. 2. Like you, I "thought" I was at the top of my game and on top of the world. 3. Like you, I "thought" I knew EVERYTHING there was to know about trading. I have no doubt that you do know what your talking about BUT what worries me about you is I think you have forgotten how to learn. Markets change and so does "the game" just because you've got 7 years (a junior trader by my standards) doesn't mean you know everything and I think you would be wise to stop turning generalizations into statements of facts. I wish you continued success but there are MANY ways to trade and there are MANY other traders that can make you look like a school kid ;-) I've meet some of the greatest in this business and the one thing they all have in common is humility. I wish you well and much continued success.
  9. I've recently come across something called EFT (emotional freedom technique). I was wondering if any traders have tried this for trading issues? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nRY3UtTHvo
  10. Hi, I'm a huge price action fan and recently discovered this Wyckoff forum. I've purchased db's ebook (Fantastic btw) and I now wish to study more of Wyckoff's original material. I was wondering if some more experienced people would share a summary of which books to start and finish with. Thanks
  11. Lee Let's see if I understand you. You've found something that works extremely well for you and your asking why not do something else? I don't mean to be sarcastic but that's just a nutty question. The problem with most people is they don't know how to be happy and most traders fail because they never really master one thing before the try and jump to the next.
  12. My thoughts on this subject. First off I welcome Spyder to TL. Secondly, I have studied Spyder and Jack's work very carefully as I have also studied Db and Wyckoff. My fundamental belief about trading is that one must find a perspective or context to view the markets, that makes the most sense to them as an individual. That should be your primary goal. Once you find that perspective you have your edge.
  13. Does anyone use ADV / DEC volume ma's to help find top/bottoms? If so where do you find the info these days? Thanks
  14. Thanks ! Is dbphoenix and other PA traders in the room during live market hours?
  15. I've seen mentioned in other posts, talk of your live chat room is it still running and can I be invited to it? sorry for the duplicate ^ I didn't see it posted
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