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  1. Spydertrader, thank you for staying relevant to the topic, please feel free to share some more regardless of what people think about your trading methods. What made you transition from equities to the e-minis? Do you trade for daily, weekly... %ROI ? What is your trading style? Anything else you would consider an important insight for someone seeking to follow your steps and trade the e-minis for a living?
  2. All inputs so far are very informative; however I still wonder (and I don´t want to beat a dead horse) if there are those traders that make a living solely trading the e-minis. Some "yes I do", "no I don´t" followed by some "Why", "How", "How long" would suffice. I´ve found some similar questions on the Forex´s foruns I´ve searched, I just wonder if some similarities between the types of trades (highly leveraged) that occurs in these markets (Forex, e-minis futures, etc...) only allow the brokerage companies that offer them to to truly make a living on the long run?!?! Also, it would be helpful if the information given isn´t so focused on why 99.9% of all the traders fail, because these type of info is all over the place, specially in sites that sell systems and mentorships. Thank you for all inputs so far.
  3. Sevensa, I believe that the answers would be very informative if those that share give a little insight on their personal journey. Also, information such as why they chose the e-minis over other markets, what is weekly, montly, yearly expected %ROI ( I know that this varies from each individual, but what % makes it worth your while?!). Because the e-minis are highly leveraged and sometimes a "good" money management strategy suggests not risking more than 2% of your trading capital per trade and on the other side of the coin some people are trying to have a 4% ROI per year I ask the question if anyone solely trade the e-minis for a living or if there is a good money management advice that once a treshold is crossed (based on personal opinion) one should start diversifying into less leveraged markets? Certainly there is a lot more, but if someone could elaborate on those questions I would start getting some answers I am looking for! 86834 - I´ve read some of your posts and your blog, certainly very good advices! I´ve read in your blog that you have not traded much while the market has been so quiet, you´ve not traded only the e-minis or nothing at all?
  4. Thanks for all the outputs so far!! I did not mean to say that trading the e-minis are actually harder than any other type of day trading markets. I just have not met any professional day trader (by professional I mean someone that makes a living of day trading) that trade solely e-minis. All prfessional traders I´ve met trade the e-minis with ETFs, other stocks, but never solely the e-minis. My question stands, and my quest is to find those that made/make a living solely (or mainly) trading the e-minis for at least a year. Is there such a trader?? I certainly would like to know your experience.
  5. I would like to open this topic to offer a thread of hope to all of those that find it impossible to believe that one can actually make a living trading solely the e-minis. If you have done it for over a year, it would be great if you could share your experience and how you got there. I just ask that promoters refrain from trying to offer systems and methods that traders that are truly trying to make a living of trading the e-minis will have to spend more money to become successful.
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