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  1. Thank you for your feedbacks. The request to minimize the space between posts have been sent. A collapsible format including the header would be rather difficult.
  2. Will go notify my designer. Thanks for the notice.
  3. Thanks all for the wonderful comments. Still seeing some bugs on my end and looking to get these sorted within a few days.
  4. Hi Rigel, Are you referring to something like this? Post Charts
  5. Hi Tams, I reported it to my programmer. Its a bug I am seeing where emoticons do not load 100%. Seems like one icon is always missing. Thanks.
  6. Hi Spyder, yes that was one of the big upsides to the new skin. We managed to decrease website load speed by 4x. The previous design was putting too much stress on the website and after we realized there was nothing we can optimize on the servers, we resorted to optimization of the design. Thanks!
  7. Designers should be updating the video section soon. Ive also found a few bugs already so reported those as well. Glad you like the skin guys!
  8. Hi Tams, thanks! Did you mean something like this? :thumbs up:
  9. Hi all, After over 2 months of work, we have finally decided to launch our new site design. One of the big improvements of the new design is the reduction in site load. We have managed to reduce to 1/4th of the previous loading speed. What do you all think? Please use this thread to discuss the new release. There are still minor tweaks that needs to be finished which we will be working on the next few days. Please do report any bugs or finds. Your feedbacks are comments are important to us. Thank you.
  10. Yes, I am aware of this and will be working on server configs once our skin is done. The amount of customizations makes things rather difficult. Will keep the announcement section updated once we start this task. Thanks.
  11. I own the material, first loaned to me by a hedge fund trader. I have found the course to be extremely insightful and would highly recommend it to anyone. It may look a bit pricey but I would prefer to purchase Trend Dynamics instead of reading through 30-50 trading books.
  12. I will look into this. Thank you for posting this bug.
  13. We are working on a new design for the entire site right now... its being delayed due to the amount of customization this forum currently has and we are still squashing bugs. I am hoping the skin to be released in the next few days. Thanks.
  14. Moderated Message: Re-opening this thread. Off-topic comments have been removed. Please keep this thread on topic and refrain from personal attacks. The easiest thing to do is simply use our ignore feature if this thread does not benefit you. Thank you for your understanding.
  15. Closing this thread temporarily and pending review. Would like to keep this thread on topic.
  16. eSignal Chooses Mirus Futures and Zen-Fire to further Increase visibility for its eSignal OnDemand of E-Mini Futures Products for CME Group Retail Traders Mirus Futures joins Interactive Brokers (IB), PFGBEST, MB Trading, and OptionsXpress in new eSignal OnDemand platform offering. Chicago IL, August 18, 2009 – Mirus Futures today announced an alliance with eSignal as one of five firms to feature the new eSignal OnDemand – Mini Futures product for CME Group traders. Mirus Futures offers the industry leading Zen-Fire trading solution providing traders unprecedented access to real-time market data and order routing. As a participant in the CME Globex waiver fee policy initiative, market data for Mirus customers of eSignal will be waived by CME Group. The other four firms, Interactive Brokers (IB), PFG, MB Trading, and OptionsXpress will enjoy the same cost savings for their customers but will not be able to offer the advantages of Zen-Fire. eSignal provides eSignal OnDemand – Mini Futures, a full-featured, active trader platform offering quotes, charts, back testing, the ability to program unique chart studies and includes intraday and historical data. A special trading plug-in allows users to trade from within the product with their choice of brokers that now includes Mirus Futures / Zen-Fire. “We are excited to have Mirus Futures and Zen-Fire using our eSignal OnDemand – Mini Futures offering,” said Chuck Thompson, eSignal president. “By offering our award-winning product line, featured through select brokers, eSignal is able to extend this cost savings advantage.” “Mirus Futures customers who currently use eSignal will be thrilled, they won't have to do anything and they will reduce their fees dramatically,” offers Eliot Wickersheimer, Principal of Mirus Futures. “Customers appreciate the option to choose which charting software package works best, but will be more likely to sign up with eSignal now that it's less expensive.” “The ability to trade on Zen-Fire data, from the eSignal OnDemand – Mini Futures platform packs an advantageous punch for CME Group retail traders. The combination of eSignal's comprehensive historical data, with the real-time data of Zen-Fire, gives traders the best of both worlds; boosting an already incredible trading experience for Zen-Fire Traders,” says Pat Shaughnessy, Principal of Zen-Fire, a leading provider of professional trading solutions. eSignal OnDemand – Mini Futures for Mirus Futures / Zen-Fire is available now. For more information, visit: www.eSignal.com/map/mirus/ About eSignal: eSignal (www.eSignal.com), Interactive Data Corporation’s (NYSE: IDC) desktop solutions business, is a leading global provider of financial and business information to professional traders and active individual traders. Building on a legacy of 25 years of delivering time-sensitive financial information, eSignal provides streaming, real-time market data, news and analytics. eSignal's suite of products includes eSignal®, Advanced GET®, QuoTrek®, FutureSource®, , QCharts®, LiveCharts®, Market-Q(SM) and the Web portals FutureSource.com, Quote.com® and RagingBull.com. About Mirus Futures: Mirus Futures is the leading provider of commodity trading brokerage services. As the first full-service firm to launch the Zen-Fire network, Mirus has been able to revolutionize the trading experience for all their clients. By coupling Zen-Fire with the NinjaTrader platform, the ultimate trading solution was created. Serving the world-wide trading community for Mirus became that much easier. http://mirusfutures.com About Zen-Fire: Zen-Fire provides the speed, reliability, and unfiltered tick data necessary to compete in the futures markets. From basic order entry tickets to fully licensed Depth of Market (DOM) trading screens, Zen-Fire provides screen based traders access to the same high-speed market data and order routing used by professional firms and institutions world-wide. http://www.zen-fire.com Contact: Karen Bertoli Director – Communications Strategy karen@zen-fire.com +1.312.498.5366 ###
  17. Some basic knowledge of investing into China especially as a foreigner. Link is available here from CNN.
  18. Moderated Message: Hello, Ive received some reports about this thread and glanced at a few posts to realize some members are having issues with the moderation. In order for mods to be aware of the issue, members must use the report post button. This is because mods and myself can not possibly read through every single post on TL. (at least I used to when it was possible but unfortunately the site has gotten too big for this) All reported posts are handled in the appropriate manner and has been working perfectly so far. Brownsfan, do you not have moderating privileges on this forum? Thanks!
  19. Here is a discount link to TradersAudio for TL! members. Enjoy: || About Traders Audio ||
  20. Educational video created by the CME for Suri's book "Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros". Watch it here: http://progressive.powerstream.net/008/00102/edu/interactive/trade_chart_patterns_like_a_pro/index.html?slide=1 You can also obtain a copy of Suri's book at his website. Enjoy!
  21. I found this post on "The Evolution of Market Profile Theory" interesting and have nominated it accordingly for "Topic Of The Month August, 2009"
  22. No audio on this one, just text captions.
  23. Heres a 7min clip on tape reading I created. It is a simulation environment and did my best to draw out some things I watch for on the tape. The tape in use is from CQG called Order Ticker. - The highlighted numbers in the middle point out actual trades. Green means at the offer. Red means at the bid. - Filter is in place to show only 10 lots or bigger - Numbers not highlighted indicate new bids and offers. - Numbers crossed out means orders canceled - Numbers crossed out and then moved with an arrow indicates bids/offers being adjusted TL! Videos
  24. The features of Infinity AT is available in most order routing platforms now. The only difference I have seen is that some order management vendors provide different order types or Smart Orders. For example. CQG's price ladder can provide order types not supported by the exchanges as the orders are placed on the CQG servers before going to the exchange. Smart Orders are available such as Icebergs as well. (CQG is only FX and futures) Tradestation provided similar functionality from what I can recall. Also check out Barclays Stockbrokers.... they have some tools similar to what you might need as well.
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