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  1. Guess you haven't read this thread recently Jenny.
  2. Anyway, I just got back from spending a wonderful day at the beach with friends. That's what's important to me. Good luck in your further discussions. I hope you work it out.
  3. I don't think Roger put his best foot forward in this thread either. I think everyone looked bad. Sorry.
  4. Wow. So much negativity in this thread. Almost everyone put their worst foot forward here. Too bad.
  5. I have tried copying code posted in a Code Box to Tradestation EasyLanguage. When I paste it though, it looses its formatting and everything in the code box runs into one giant sentence making it virtually impossible to read. It does verify okay, but I would like to see and possibly edit the code. What am I doing wrong? :crap: I have windows Vista, am using Firefox and Tradestation 8.6 Build 2612 Thanks, Cindy
  6. I copied the text into Tradestation EL and got an error "Word Not Recognized by Easy Language", and it pointed to this word: text_setattribute So I guess it needs a little tweaking still by a TS guru. Thanks, Cindy
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