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  1. Thanks for your help Harlequin
  2. Hello, I want to use Fib Time Analysis in my trading. There are some online articles on the subject, but none of them tell you specifically how and where to apply Fib Time studies to your price chart. Does anyone know of a book, website, etc., that gives a good explanation of this subject? I’d really appreciate your help. Thanks, David
  3. Does anyone know of a live trading room that uses Market Profile? The only one I've heard of is Profile Traders. I'd appreciate hearing if there are there any others. Thanks.
  4. I posted earlier, but having the exact same problem.
  5. Thanks Soultrader, I'll check this out on TS.
  6. I have recently downloaded Ant's Market Profile, and it's really great. I'm having one problem with it though. It won't plot the last two days. In other words, it plots every day on my chart but it will never plot the two most recent days. I've emptied my TS cache and re-installed the indicator, but it doesn't correct the problem. Any comments/ideas? Thanks.
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