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    HF trader for 3 years. I began to age too quickly, so left Wall Street and decided to trade my own funds while living in Costa Rica. Pura Vida.
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    DX, ES, YI, YG
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  1. Rande - always love to hear from an author themselves. I will definitely check out your book.
  2. zdo - very good addition to this thread. I am adding a few of those to my reading list. Mightmouse - you in Trumbull, CT? I just moved from Trumbull about a year ago. Used to live on Tashua Rd down by the old church.
  3. Thank you all for the very good suggestions and insight. I certainly have a nice reading list for the holidays!
  4. The first book you listed was the one I have been eyeing. The amazon reviews look decent, but most seem to be written by people who are just starting out in trading. Do you have an experience with that book?
  5. I agree on trading the Fib numbers. I have never understood it. I have often heard the expression "It just makes sense". Doesnt make sense to me. Personally I trade off of both the 5 min ES and 3200Tick ES. I find that these two time frames produce similar charts but they give me the benefit of looking at the volume in two different ways.
  6. Hello I am looking for some books on psychology and was hoping for some suggestions. I was a hedge fund trader for 3 years and just recently began trading my own account. Although I am profitable I run into a lot of head wind when it comes to my though processes during the day. Among my major problems are adjusting my stops after the fact and cutting winners way too early. These are problems that are just beginning to manifesting since I find trading my personal money a much more difficult game than trading OPM. Fear and Greed in a trader...imagine that:-) Anyways, I just finished Mark Douglas' "Trading in the Zone". I think the book did a good job at helping me realize the basis of some of my problems, however I found the book a bit long-winded and lacking in content when it comes to actually dealing with my problems. I am hoping to get some suggestions for other books you may have read that have helped you. Thanks in advance Cheers - Brian
  7. In the instance of tick charts, lets say 144 tick chart, a new bar is formed after 144 trades have taken place. In the sense of tick charts, the "tick" is referring to trades and not so much "up ticks" or "down ticks". Make sense?
  8. I am getting ready to move overseas and most of my belongings will be packed up for several months. I need a laptop to trade off of during the move and need your opinions. I mainly trade with Tradestation and ThinkorSwim. Here are my requirements: Of course needs to run TS and ToS 17" screen at a minimum Ability to connect to two external monitors. The ability to connect to two monitors is important and it is hard to find information about what laptops will allow that. I have never had an Apple, but I think I like the Macbook Pro 17". I am open to either Macs or PCs. Thoughts?
  9. This is probably more of a question for a lawyer/CPA, but I will see if people on here have some insight. I currently trade full time from Costa Rica, under a Sole-Prop account that is US based. I have no other income/business in the US, however I am a US Citizen. I have several Corporations in Costa Rica, some which are inactive and only used as asset holders (Bank Accounts). I talked with Tradestation and they said no problem with opening an account under the CR Corporations (known as "Anonymous Societies"). Costa Rica has secret banking laws as well as secret corporate documents (hence: Anonymous Societies). So TS sent over the application, and in the application it demands my Passport number and SS#. With them having that information, is there still a tax advantage to trading under the corporate name? My wife and I are the only directors of the corporation. I am a US Citizen, she has no US connection. Thoughts?
  10. Save my money...for when I turn around and loose it all from trading.
  11. Interesting Post. I have been pondering adding audio to my trades as well but have yet to do so. If you could, please add what service you use to pipe into the pit. Thanks.
  12. They wait until they hook you and then bam. Thanks for the info on that. I dont mind paying the fee if that is the way it is, just wanted to make sure I wasnt being taken for a ride. Thanks again.
  13. Just out of curiosity, is anyone else paying data fees for YM CBOT data? I recently signed up for a TS account, and now I am told it is $55 for CBOT Data. I was always under the impression that YM data was free. I know I am not charged for it in either esignal or IB. Thoughts?
  14. I have been reading and studying about as much as I can take it. It is now time to get a paper trading account. Any recommendations on what works well with simulated e-mini trading? I dont mind paying a small access fee as long as it isnt anything outrageous. Thanks for any advice
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