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  1. Then short ESG related stocks if you think they are overpriced. Put your money where your mouth is, otherwise it is a trash talk
  2. Just allocate 5-10% of your capital to crypto and forget about it for 5 years time will tell. However you can instead pay attention to price action and make money from price swings, thankfully crypto is a good place to apply technical analysis.
  3. What do you think will be impact from the Core PCE surprise on stocks and dollar? Can we expect that sell-off in equities continue next week?
  4. What's your medium-term view on EURUSD? Can we expect that rally will continue?
  5. Yeah it is great opportunity, moreover there is a risk-free opportunity to earn real money, for example Hotforex demo contest.
  6. That's why I prefer to trade crypto using CFD contracts from FX brokers like Hotforex, you get proper regulation & crypto opportunities in one place. I don't trust exchanges and after FTX I became even more confident that we should be very careful about that.
  7. it is impossible to adopt such protocols for some sophisticated real-world system for the simple reason that someone should be responsible if the system f*cks up.
  8. I agree that geopolitical tensions continue to increase maybe time buy gold as long-term investment. If investors expect lower interest rates in 2023 and recession I think gold has good chances to reclaim 2K and set a new ATH
  9. This fundamental analysis so good that I have a row of 4 winning days last week using your insights! Thank you very much!
  10. From where and in which format did you get your data? You can use Excel or Python Pandas Dataframe to get price on specific day or range using simple slice methods by row indices.
  11. Great signals but their win ratio should be around 50%. It's hard to predict market nowadays, especially stocks.
  12. Looks promising.. What's the average time you spend in a position and what's average drawdown in your trades?
  13. Looking forward to see how they start to invest into Bitcoin and Major altcoins because I have bullish view on them and opened respective positions on BTC, ETH and XRP at Hotforex.
  14. I don't think my trading plan is perfect but at least it helps me to honor my stop losses and avoid overtrading. I developed it from the ideas I learned on Hotforex webinars.
  15. Yes that's why I prefer to stress my efforts on developing an algorithm that will monitor for price patterns and open orders when I'm away from PC. I use autochartist from Hotforex to have a clue which patterns exist and how I can implement them into my code.
  16. I agree patience is very underestimated in trading. I would say that trading takes 10% of time while 90% of time you monitor and analyze prices.
  17. I think this is the reason why it is the cheapest market to participate. High liquidity and competition reduce spreads, I trade with almost zero spreads on majors with Hotforex.
  18. Do you trade that signals yourself? Did you calculate their win rate?
  19. Correct, one advantage of that is lower transaction costs. In my view forex scalping is the cheapest so if you found something that works across all assets, your choice should be definitely fx.
  20. That's great info however if you are trader it is useful to know that you should trade only with brokers that offer segregated account. i.e. which are protected in case of a bankruptcy or if a broker incurs some loss. It won't be able to use your funds to cover that loss. that's why I trade with Hotforex which offers this feature.
  21. I trade forex part-time on Hotforex MT4 I really like major pairs because of low spreads, scalping is fun that helps you to feel market. Though there is a lot of of noise especially during high volatility so I avoid trading during times when prices move in crazy fashion.
  22. What are your thoughts guys on near-term price direction? Should we expect that dollar will appreciate further pressuring CAD? Oil market looks really fragile and it is well-known that CAD is quite sensitive to commodity price swings.
  23. Is it possible that price reaches 0.9 or something? Any risks or events that may drive the pair to this level?
  24. Yes, it is also one of the most liquid (after EURUSD) that's why scalping strategies work as a charm with it, but you have to find appropriate broker like Hotforex.
  25. Yes forex is governed by laws of supply and demand we can't ignore them and should look for their factors. However they are constantly changing and evolving. That's why it is so hard.
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