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  1. Hi all - I'm new here (so be gentle please). I'm a decent programmer with C, php, asp & sql experience. I'm looking to start trading Forex with some online agents (currently using IG's API but want to branch out to other brokers, and quickly realising the APIs are all over the shop...). I believe (and *please* correct me if I'm wrong) - I can use pretty much any broker with Mt4 or Mt5? I'm currently thinking of going down the MT4 route. BUT...? First off, I should say I use Linux (could run windows as a VM of course, but would prefer to keep to linux) What about MT5 - I believe the language used for Mt5 is different, should I start with MT5 as (perhaps) Mt4 will become redundant? I have found a lot of articles comparing Mt4 and Mt5 but what about Ninjatrader NT7? I'm fairly happy I can pick up any of these languages and make it work, but I would prefer to start off with the best initial choice of system. I would appreciate your advice... (thanks in advance)
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