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  1. Dear, I’m want to code get the highest and lowest value in a period in the past. For example, I want to know the highest and lower value of S&P500 in period of Jan 01,2018 to Dec 31,2018 ( I can calculate the number of bars from beginning of period to now is 270 bars and the number of bars from ending period to now is 19 bars) Please kindly help me the formulas in Amibroker to get the highest and lowest value (I am thinking of HHV and LLV but I failed) Thanks you so much
  2. Dear All, I am looking for Bitcoin option trading. Could you please tell me where I can buy bitcoin Puts. If possible, please share me which is good broker for bitcoin option trading. Many many thanks for your helps.
  3. yes, right. cause the book i read is second version so i dont think it that books. but it is real that book but version is fourth thanks a lot
  4. Dear Bros I found an chapter of technical analysis “chapter 2: how to stock charts like a pro and improve your selection and timing” and feel interest on this. This book look like an chapter of “how to make money in stock” by William O’neil but when I checked it is not. http://www.mediafire.com/download/5ntnc8b38i9bry9/Chapter+2.pdf If anybody know the name of this book, please share it with me Thanks you so much
  5. Dear Gringo, Thanks you for your suggestion. I read your recomended document and also the course from SMI. I mean that, to understand thorounghly, i need to read more and more example, study case or report so I am looking for type of these document
  6. Dear Gringo, Yes, i am looking for the study case, report, analysis which using wyckoff method. It is bettet is current analysis because we dont know the future. I see the analysis and follow to see what is happen in future. But currently, it doesn't have this type of analysis. I am also happy if I can find some document, study case, analysis or report in the past. Cuold you share me somewhere i can find it Thanks you a lot
  7. Hi All, I am an Wyckoff student. I am very interested in Wyckoff method. I found that Wyckoff institute issue market report daily and weekly. It really give me a big helps on the way studing Wyckoff method but this only provide analysis on the market. I would like to read analysis example, trading example as well as other report using Wyckoff method on single stock. I believe that it will help me more in studying Wyckoff method. Could you please tell me where I can find there report and document? Thanks you a lot
  8. Dear Matt Dye, There are somethings is different if timeframe is different. My friend was found a special way to read monthly chart and it force me try to find some document in this fields to study more about it
  9. Dear Ramack, thanks you a lot, I am an Wyckoff student, wyckoff method is really excellent method but most of this method focus on daily chart, rarely in weekly and may not appear in monthly chart
  10. Dear Ramack, I am looking for price action or price action related to volume Thanks
  11. Dear All, I am interested in reading chart in long term (focus on stock charting ) so I need some document about monthly chart reading. Could you please introduce to me some books or document about monthly chart reading. Many many thanks for you helps
  12. Dear DbPhoenix, I got the point. I am just currious to to know that: at the beginning of rally. does you have any guidelineto determine this rally is short term or long term? Thanks you
  13. Hi DbPhoenix, i know this question is quite general and it is also a difficult subject. i mean that short term: 4 day to 3 weeks, intermediate 3 weeks to 3 month, long term: longer than 3 month and i only use the daily chart for my analysis. i am sure that you know the important roles of determination trend is short term, intermediate term or long term. if we know the rally is intermediate trend, we will hold the stock and don’t sell when trend show the weakness and may will reaction but if we think it is short term trend we will sell if we see some weakness in trend..... in the past, i just trade short term even market trend is long term ( i search on stock market, find out which stock is have SOS and buy it) it is safe but when i review my trading i see that it it better if i hold some stock rhythm of the marker. i think i should change my strategy. really, Wyckoff give us clue if market lateral for a time and we can calculate the target from trading range but if market dont be lateral or lateral shortly we can not count target exactly so we dont not know that rally is intermediate trend or not. i hope you and other experience trader here will give me a helps on this problem.
  14. I mean i will sellect some stock which have historical: - speculators like them - usual rally when market rally - have better performance than market
  15. Dear All, I take time to study quite much method and trading system. But most of them is not suitable for me. Until now I only use Wyckoff method, it is the best method and the best trading system I know. I am really fascinate on this method and I still on the way to understand more about Wyckoff method. For the short term trading (4 day to three weeks), Wyckoff is really helpful, it helps me detect quite exact turning point and make profits for me. But it have some problem with intermediate trend and long term trend. If index move sideway and then take off we can calculate the index target point and follow the trend until the supply over come demand. But some time market don’t move in sideway or only move sideway shortly, it make me in trouble . I am not sure how far market will go and which strategy I should use? You know strategy for the short term rally and long term trend is different. If market is rally in short, I will select high beta and high sensitive stock. if market is intermediate or long term trend, I will select stock in the Rhythm of market (good FA will plus point). Please kindly give me a helps for my problem Many many thanks for your helps
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