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  1. Keep a trading journal and rate yourself on how you feel each morning before you start trading. Evaluate your state of mind: what has affected you recently, how much sleep did you get, did you drink the night before, etc. Then keep track of that rating to see the correlation of your trading and your emotional state score. Don't trade when your emotional state is below a certain score. That has helped me.
  2. I was in another forum and 73% of the respondents said that HFT does not affect their trading. I am in the 73% camp. I don't trade in front of orders and base my entries and exits on price action.
  3. Heaven vs. Hell Heaven is where the police are British, the cooks are French, the cars are German, the lovers are Italian, and it is all organized by the Swiss. Hell is where the police are German, the cooks are English, the cars are French, the lovers are Swiss, and it is all organized by the Italians.
  4. High dividends are there for a reason. Usually that reason will not be obvious or made known to you until it is too late. They take 100% of your money now. Pay you 40% dividend for 2 years and then the stock goes to zero. They just made 20%.
  5. Wouldn't it be cheaper and more reliable to program a computer to follow the rules and let it run. Like an algo. Why hire people unless you need discretion?
  6. I am sorry but I did not get an email regarding your response. I trade every morning on GC, CL, TF, and 6E. There has not been a lot of response, in fact you are the first one. Do you have Skype? Maybe we could discuss what would work best. Thank you. Tony

  7. Thank you but I am looking for a group of Joe Ross students who would like to collaborate real time or soon after the close, on setups taken, missed, etc.
  8. Which methods are you referring to? Have you taken the mentoring with Joe and still not identify the methods?
  9. The Ross Hook can definitely be identified objectively. I think discretion is important to trading in general, but not for identifying a Ross Hook.
  10. Most of the basics from Joe Ross are the Ross Hook and the 1-2-3 method. However, Joe Ross teaches additional methods through his mentorship program. I am interested in forming a group of traders that are trading those methods wither in a room or through a blog so we can help each other. Identifying incorrect setups taken or missed setups would be very beneficial. We are not looking to teach the methods, but instead to improve their implementation. Let me know if you are qualified and interested in joining. Thank you.
  11. I would like to form a group with people who have taken the private mentoring with Joe Ross and are trading the methods taught so that we can interact on the setups taken. Either we could post our charts of the trades taken and explain the setups and exit strategies used or we could start a chat session at the beginning of the trading day and discuss the setups developing. I would like meet and to see how others are doing with Joe Ross's methods. What do you think? Interested? Tony
  12. Good post with a lot of information. Thank you.
  13. Look up Trader's Accounting Traders Accounting - Services for Day Traders - Taxes, Accounting, Business Strategy out of Arizona. They will provide you the tax advice you are looking for.
  14. A lot of the educators out there were successful traders...on the floor. Most, if not all, were unable to make the transition to the screen. So they teach what they knew on the floor. IMO the skills on the floor are different than the skills needed to trade from a computer. When I first started to trade, I traded over Skype with a couple of former floor traders. They knew the lingo but they had no more insight to the market than I did as a beginner. It was still a guessing game for them. They wanted to get into the education end. In fact, one of them did and is making good money at the education. I think that unless you have a family member that is a successful trader, it will be difficult to find a trader to help you. If they are good, they are usually reclusive and secretive.
  15. Bad weather. It is a mid-term election year. A lot of seats up for grab in the US. Can't rock the boat too hard.
  16. I have used Skype without video for trading with other traders. It is good to have more than 2 eyes on the market. Sometimes it is easy to overlook something. And when the market is about as exciting as watching paint dry, the conversation with like minded people is nice. Most traders are reclusive so finding the right mix can be challenging.
  17. handle

    Which Book

    :rofl::rofl::rofl:bobc that was funny. I have read Joe Ross's books. They started me on my trading career. I should probably look at them again since it has been a while.
  18. I agree with you Joseph. I too have been using NT and it is a great program. I think it comes down to user preference. Learning a new platform can be a pain but both SC and NT are good choices. I prefer NT myself.
  19. handle

    Types of Traders

    Is there any other reason?
  20. handle

    Types of Traders

    Maybe I am missing something but I could not find a quiz anywhere on this thread. Was it removed?
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