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  1. Ok, I thought I was doing really well, and the bottom fell out , big time, someone please share with me what I should be looking at... right now, I look at the MP , key levels of support/resistance . Should I be looking at the ^Tick ^ Trin, ADD, ? and if so whats the correlation ? any and all info would be GREATLY appreciated !!
  2. whats up everyone , last night I was thinking about trading and taxes ... What is the norm for retail traders when it comes to protecting them selves and taxes? Do yall create an LLC "Mom and Pop " LLC to get lower taxes ? Maybe Im not phrasing my question correctly because Im really not sure the details. Just curious and wanted to see if anyone have had the same ideas ? thanks in advance !! Semper Fi
  3. oh , well thank you for your educational insight ! I understand Im a newb and your probably tired of answering the same ole questions over and over. I look forward to asking you another newbie question and waiting anxiously for your response in hopes of learning something new about the markets, rather than asking the homeless guy on the street which probably could have answered it better than " flip a coin "
  4. I will look into it... which one 1000 bars ?
  5. What tick chart would you suggest ? thanks for the input !!
  6. Hey everyone , I have a quick question that I cant seem to find the answer to, does anyone use moving averages on a tick chart ? I typically use a 233 and 377 tick chart... any responses would be appreciated . Thanks.
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