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  1. Obsidian


    -Iran demands gold for oil Actually they are already doing that...Since Iran can't transfer cash from Turkey, they are buying gold and transferring that way...read some news about this a few days ago...
  2. Summary of open orders and positions:
  3. that CSI name sounds a bit creepy..or maybe I am watching Crime Scene Investigation NY often these days hmmm....
  4. Summary of open orders and positions:
  5. There are many foreigners coming to Asia to work or enjoy their retirement. There is a huge difference in cost of living, compared to Europe and U.S. For a trader there are extra advantages of course. especially time difference. You can come back home from work and start trading with London session.
  6. I am mostly affected by the degree of uncertainty in the market. when it turns to the ugliest contest, my performance decrease. have to admit that i love trending seasons
  7. another boring day unfortunately...there are 40 charts staring at me :crap: worse is nobody is posting
  8. I am not sure if I should blame my designer or not hmm...
  9. going against Chinese wealth would not be wise imvho I do not think we will ever see gold around that 850 levels, unless there is an extraordinary drop in human population...of course I may be wrong... that news says they have been probing for 4 years...that did not sound so right
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