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    -Iran demands gold for oil Actually they are already doing that...Since Iran can't transfer cash from Turkey, they are buying gold and transferring that way...read some news about this a few days ago...
  2. Summary of open orders and positions:
  3. that CSI name sounds a bit creepy..or maybe I am watching Crime Scene Investigation NY often these days hmmm....
  4. when extra info takes much space than the original content, OP gets angry I guess
  5. Summary of open orders and positions:
  6. There are many foreigners coming to Asia to work or enjoy their retirement. There is a huge difference in cost of living, compared to Europe and U.S. For a trader there are extra advantages of course. especially time difference. You can come back home from work and start trading with London session.
  7. I am mostly affected by the degree of uncertainty in the market. when it turns to the ugliest contest, my performance decrease. have to admit that i love trending seasons
  8. another boring day unfortunately...there are 40 charts staring at me :crap: worse is nobody is posting
  9. I am not sure if I should blame my designer or not hmm...
  10. going against Chinese wealth would not be wise imvho I do not think we will ever see gold around that 850 levels, unless there is an extraordinary drop in human population...of course I may be wrong... that news says they have been probing for 4 years...that did not sound so right
  11. that is a great plan...there are cool places to see around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai area
  12. Summary of open orders and positions:
  13. we had a key reversal 2 weeks ago and chikou span climbed above the cloud...when I check the weekly chart, it looks like a continuation pattern to me...but 1750 is still a hurdle in the near term
  14. but increasing prices make it possible to use the sources which was not considered profitable before...4 years ago it was 850..now it is 1750
  15. long time ago (when I was using metastock) i was using idle application from akmos to download historical data...however i have no idea if it is still working or they are still in the market..you can check anyway...or you can check different forex brokers.. how about tradestation? how far does their data go back?
  16. LOL did that some weeks ago on a lovely island near here, not trading part though...
  17. where to look then? (also need to consider, there are too many instruments, markets and time frames...for example the way I trade currencies is much different than the way I traded stocks)but since I think the statement below is true maybe it would be to start a new thread
  18. Another week the same simple question Will EUR/USD have a bullish or bearish candle this week? Please vote on the poll ! Just a simple click, let us know your idea
  19. Obsidian

    CoT Charts

    New data will be released on Monday
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