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  1. More recently.. RIP Lou Reed! See you on the wild side
  2. Well I thought this was going to be an actual riddles thread! how disappointing! Here's one anyway What do we spend half of our life wanting to get rid of and half of our life trying to get back? Prize for the winner
  3. MrFunke

    Types of Traders

    .. Apparently I'm a shark. (I would have liked to think I was a bull!) What are your thoughts on this quiz? Would you say you could relate yourself to any of these animals?
  4. Maaaan.. that's a lot of money to have lost..
  5. Or Money by Pink Floyd.. or anything money related that's funny
  6. Money Money Money by ABBA on repeat until I reach my targets
  7. They're the same in the fact you win & lose money and there's significant risk involved.. but fundamentally, probably not
  8. Wow.. the American dream huh
  9. Quite worrying that Putin is in the top spot, no?
  10. That 5-year-old girl thing is amazing!
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