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  1. In My opinion, best broker changes based on what your personal requirements are, and what are your personal preferences and what you want to invest in... for me I had a good experience trading with BMFN due to where i live, and the variety of financial instruments I got, with guidance etc... They have a lot of diversity when it comes to financial instruments like FX, CFDs on shares and commodities; and they provide the MetaTrader 4 platform which was super convenient and user friendly with their guidance. I felt like they offered pretty low spreads approximately around 1.4 pips compared to the usual 1.7/8 so in hindsite i ended up making more; and i used the leverage option of 200:1 but it goes all the way upto 400:1 i assume. The best part was I didn't have to pay any brokerage or commissions only the spread, If i'm not wrong their minimum deposit was around $50 I began with $8500 to start with... But based on everyones personal experience, their best broker varies!
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