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  1. It is always a sense to buy gold in long term run because it will grow in price whenever economic scenario gonna take its way. But my broker Hotforex offers only CFD on gold no futures, but i thing it is enough to speculate and get good 20-30 pips everyday
  2. Experiments with strategy are always a good thing, especially if you can allow for yourself to lose a couple of bucks on micro or nano lot. You gonna faster come to what are you striving for in trading.
  3. Jeez, his contributions were invaluable for us:rofl:. Though I am not keen on reading reasonings of mental sentiments over trading (preparing mentally is something of a pushover for me), as they lack sense load considerably. It is better to discuss something techy, steep into indicators, economic events, etc.
  4. Even being in constant research for useful resources for trading I've never come across with BMT forum. Just find out about it here. I think the point of debates is a try of a broker firm to get a leverage on internet forums as a whole source of "unbiased" traders information. As traders used to seek a trust in the forums, (me too, as I found my broker Hotforex, browsing FPA folders) it is very important for broker to sort out this different marketing channel for them. That's it. This case show us what side will get the win and determine in some degree future points of contacts between these two Forex related projects.
  5. Easy! Sure there is some examples how to interpete price feed find KRT and open trades using their signal. Actually I've never tried this method, because I am fundamental trader mostly..
  6. I take advantage of the resources which offer my Optiontrade broker - basics of tecnhical and fundamental analysis, trading tools, timeframes etc., you can also join webinar with Binary Barry - individual trainings with him will cost you a lot of money. I was suprised but my broker offers it absolutely free.
  7. Just digged up this interesting gig on forex topic http://www.wikihow.com/Choose-a-Competent-Forex-Broker. If you still musing over what broker will be best for your hope this article will help you to make right decision..
  8. fxeconomist


    Any tries to make profit on this pair. Got this pair on hotforex week ago but still don't know how to interprete Chinese regulatory actions...
  9. BTC calmed down and not so crazy as before. If you didn't catch the wave of recent years it is much more risk to get down to trading it with low volumes..
  10. When I started to trade with Hotforex I was totally newbie. But patiency and a lot of spare time have done their part. Just don't give up and don't hurry.
  11. Actually trading is a line of winnings and losings, just see it as a part of your customary trading
  12. Yeah, breaks are very important in trading. Doing this you protect yourself from overtrading and hence aggravating situation..
  13. The problem is to find that very mindset.. I think it come with experience only..
  14. I stopped out several times but keep my patience and wait for my luck again and again. Eventually you get what your are haunting on, even in forex. Guess it can be kinda of luck but nobody abolished it so far..
  15. Every trader has his own strategy that picks best time periods for trading. Trading with Hotforex I managed to get my best periods of volatility and catching trends seems to became much easier.
  16. You can make off living trading forex meeting 3 conditions: 1. Decent capital 2. Moderate Skill 3. Fair broker (Hotforex for example, which I trade with) That's it.
  17. I also studied it about 20 min then just logged in My Hotforex demo and started to place orders randomly. Even in those time I managed to make some profit.
  18. I don't recommend to spend any money to anything indirectly related to forex. It is waste of money and in most cases is scam.
  19. Leverage is amount of money added proportionally to your deposit (50, 100, 500) when you open an order. While your order is active you can't lost more than your trading margin. When you close your order leverage money return to liquidity provider. For example I trade 1:500 leverage with Hotforex, which means that for one full trade lot (100K $) I need only 200$ free margin.
  20. Reasonable, not ambitious goal for average trader is 10% month profit. It takes into account such important feature as consistency of earnings.
  21. Firstly I would advice you to practice trading in training (demo account). There you'll be able to find what indicator best fits your trading style and apply material your read to the trading. I use Hotforex demo simple but working stuff that simulates live trading. Don't hurry to go live, it can leave bad or frustrating experience for you so you can even withdraw with any speculating activity.
  22. Do you really think that it is enough to trade in the evening only to stay in profit and moreover work out profitable strategy? It doesn't make a sense you make equal forex to evening relaxational hobby.. but it is impossible..
  23. Just imagine that you are involved in a most profitable market in the world, you are businessman, independent person who work worldwide. Just realize it and you will be excited of the status you have - trader.
  24. I would question that statement, as there is no people who is incompatible with trading. Another important point is acquiring knowledge for that: somebody ju st leavy this rough going and give up with trading. Lacking persistency is the biggest issue in that.
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