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  1. Thanks Wilson ... I have never heard of Forex-Metal.com, I'll definitely check them out! As an update, I found out the other day that TradeStation does in fact offer mini sized accounts (they just don't advertise it much) so rather then going through the hassle of changing brokers, with such a small account size anyway, I figure I'll stay with TradeStation for the time being. Though, that said, I always like to read about different brokers ... so if anyone has anything left to add please feel free Travis
  2. Thank for the speedy response ... Though, when I change the scale to "no axis" it changes the value of the indicator. I tried on a standard indicator (not written by me) and on my pivot points. They both changed values... Am I just doing something wrong? Thanks again, I really appreciate the help thus far Travis I'll attach pictures so you can see what I mean. The first is with scaling, and the second is without.
  3. Hello, I just wrote one of my first working indicators in TradeStation (its a very simple pivot point indicator) However, my question is ... Tradestation always puts the value of the indicator on the price axis, does anyone know how to get rid of this? (The green circled values in the picture are what I'm talking about) I tried in the "Format Analysis Techniques" section and disabled the "Display Update Indication" option but it doesnt work. Anyone else have any luck getting rid of these indicator values? Thanks Travis
  4. Thank you Mr. Smith I'll check in to that software! After playing around with several demo accounts I across FXCM micro. The platform seems to offer everything I need, and 1000 unit lot size is pretty cool. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them? good or bad ... On the surface they seem like they fit what I am looking for perfectly ... I just want to make sure there isn't something horrible below that surface Thank You
  5. Thanks for the info guys. I will get some trial accounts going for both of those brokers. Thanks Again
  6. I apologize, this has been posted many times in the past ... however, I can not seem to find a new answer so I figured I would ask again. I am looking for a new forex broker. I am currently using TradeStation, but they really nickle and dime you (or so it seems, I'm still somewhat new to this) Though, more importantly, they do not allow me to trade anything but full lots. Normally this isn't a bad thing, but my account is small ... and, like I said, I am still new to trading so I think I would feel more comfortable working with half or quarter lots. (or smaller TradeStation also seems to have poor fills at times (not only news, I realize that news times are shaky), and not a very reliable data feed. It seemed about 4 months ago the best place for a small forex trader to be was with Oanda. Was that the case? and if so , is it still? Also, any other thoughts or comments on brokers you like/dislike would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Travis
  7. Thanks for the quick reply thrunner ... I'm trading the EURUSD spot on a 3 min chart (5 days back). I've tried messing with the bars back setting all with the same result ... no triggers. As to what strategy I'm using ... it doesnt seem to matter, none of them produce any triggers. I've tried strategies that I have written, strategies that other people have written, and strategies that are bundled with the platform ... none seem to work. I can only assume that the strategies that come with the platform would produce signals. (that they were coded properly) Anyone else seen this? Its probably that I'm simply over looking something simple ... but I can't find what it is for the life of me Thanks again Travis
  8. Whenever I add a strategy to my tradestation charts nothing shows up. I thought that I was just writing the code incorrectly ... so I tried strategies that come with the platform. Nope, still nothing ... Has anyone else seen this? It makes back testing a tad bit difficult Thanks Travis
  9. This VMA looks very cool. Thanks guys for bringing it up and sharing it with everyone! I just have one more question, after all this info ... Where can i get one (Edit ... for TradeStation) Thanks Travis
  10. I've got yet another question about EasyLanguage I hope you all can help me with ... Is there a way to step through the program (strategy, indicator, etc) to test your logic? I am currently not having any luck with having trades trigger ... so I remembered long, long ago programming in other languages the compiler allowed you to step through the program to find the If/Then , or other logical statement that wasn't working as intended. Is this possible? or anything that would accomplish the same thing? Thanks
  11. I'm still having problems finding the reserved word for the Current Price. I am trying to have a position enter/exit if current price is less than or greater than (depending on the position) a variable. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Travis
  12. Thanks guys, that does answer my newb question Travis
  13. I'm new to this and was hoping someone could answer something for me ... I was wondering what the lack of volume on the YM is about. It seems the last 3 days or so have been very light. Is it the time of year? or a technical reason? Thanks Travis
  14. I'm having a hard time finding how to plot the current price? Its probably as dumb a question as the first ... but I would appreciate any help
  15. Thank you both. Charlton, that was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
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