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  1. PVP is what it is: Peak Volume Price. Volume at price should provide the info, but I don't have Ninja so do not know if it would give you the correct historical info bar by bar or not but certainly it would be correct at end of day. I have seen indicators where it is estimated by assuming each price tick in a given bar has the same volume (ie total volume/total range) but the most correct way is to spit the data out by tick and aggregate the volume by price that way.
  2. Wasn't there a PDF posted to this thread over the weekend? I cannot seem to locate the post Edit: found that PDF I was looking for, was in a different thread on a different forum
  3. With sentiment as crappy as its gotten recently: Fear & Greed Index - Investor Sentiment - CNNMoney Expect his less bearish count (V up to new all time highs) before SPX 1900 taken out. Big tech will lead the way.
  4. Scratch that question, Pacific time. I now see that indeed the negative divergence trade faded minimal heat from 1236 (to 1239ish) and also would have worked nicely. My apologies Do or Die for further cluttering your thread.
  5. FWIW I also see negative divergences against the rally back up to 1236. Ultimately the mkt rallied to 1244 before a noticeable pullback. Is that also a trade you would have taken?
  6. Dude, I think you've found the HG, cash advance the credit cards and lever up, the good life is only a few months of no-loss trading away.
  7. 80% win rate? If u came up with said holy grail would think obtaining the "deep pockets" part isn't a problem. Unless of course avg loser = 4x avg winner like it usually is with such high probability systems.
  8. Looks like the late Clyde Lee's TS Wolf Wave indicator. He put out some neat free stuff in the public domain.
  9. Run don't walk from the idea of trading martingale style as a retail trader. Leave that to the institutions who have access to helicopter Ben's backstop :crap:
  10. Good post! I've often wondered why the small traders who frequent these forums gripe about quote flickering as it truly is irrelevent when it come to our execution needs.
  11. You implicitly state in your opening post that you have no commercial intents. That said, I'm still trying to figure out why you started this thread. To share? Haven't seen that. To brag? Ok, seen plenty of great examples in hindsight. But again, why?
  12. Go to a prop trading firm and use opm to make your fortune. I do suspect the results will be entirely different once using real $$ and emotions get in the way but regardless, good luck
  13. I am also a "grandfathered" member, was active in the room during 2007-2008 so my experience in that room is admittedly quite stale. I would tend to agree with points 1-3 as I spent quite a bit of time testing his methods as mechanically as possible and found the results to be marginally positive over my test period- throw in real money, real emotions and results would likely worsen, but that's a separate debate. Point 4 seems over-emphasized. I was there when 4A happened and surely one cannot hold JP responsible for the extra-curricular activities of a member/moderator. Your closing sentence is also very presumptive. I was always of the opinion that JP was a successful trader but his success had less to do with market profile and more to do with good discipline and instincts learned from many years as a floor trader. If he charged each of the grandfathers a monthly fee to remain in the room (he does not) your argument that he earns a comfortable living from his training service in lieu of his trading *might* hold some water, but truthfully, it sounds like sour grapes and JP is a stand-up guy in my opinion.
  14. A gentleman named dbntina has coded up the pvp for Tradestation. It is not as simple as plotting the indicator on your chart, you will have to insert a tick chart into your workspace, insert the indicator into it, then use the ade (all data everywere) utilities found on the TS forums to bring the actual pvp plot into the chart you intend to trade from. Check out the indicator section - I believe the indicator package and instructions are in there.
  15. I tried Roy's stuff 6 or so years ago. Unless his indicators have changed, they are fantastic at telling you what you should have done in hindsight. His main cycle indicator looked like the holy grail on a chart until you saw it plot in real time and saw it make every false signal disappear. The reality of high dollar indicators is they are really no better than what is freely available on forums such as these. Save your money and study the markets instead.
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