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Found 5 results

  1. for some dubious reasons, many believe HOLY GRAIL exists in some shape or form or in some combination of setups but even more believe there is no such thing in trading; furthermore, the majority of traders won't care much about such nonsensical utopia. but from your personal past trading experiences, do you believe in the concept and existence of a holy grail? if a holy grail can be defined as: profitable trading theory, setup and/or indicator et al; that consistently produces profitable net profit. plse do not dwell on philosophical aspects of holy grail, which will take forever and forever to even contemplate. just from your personal past learning, searching and trading experiences and other relevant personal experiences-- :haha: is there or isn't there a sort of HOLY GRAIL in trading per definition above? with full realization that most trading forums are heavily saturated, supported, sponsored and financed et al by trading educators and trading instituions completed with prop firms, just to mention a few obvious; therefore, it is never my intention to challenge, belittle, prove or disprove the benefits of each entity. i believe, each body exits, develops and progresses accoriding to demand and supplyin that particular market. so may each entity live long and profitable as well, so many wannabe traders would benefit from your generous services. before we go on, may i assure you that this thread has nothing to sell, nothing to promote and nothing to persuade you to do or not to do anything about anything in trading or otherwise, alright. everone is free to express your hindsight or foresight in trading concept and practices involving HOLY GRAIL VIABILITY AND EXISTENCE. to be fair to everyone, i'll start out by saying that personally i do definitely believe in the existence of holy grail in various shape, form and/or combination of such. my personal belief is based primarily on the obvious evidences of the current existence of a multitude of successful traders in various markets and disciplines. we might have seen their daily real money trading accounts as they are shown on screen for every subscribers to eschew and salivate.... lol the buring question is: what is their secret or what is their HOLY GRAIL that enables them to be so consistently profitable? ANY HELP HERE, PLS? :crap: thx much for your time and indulgence everyone. hopefully, this thread will stimulate everyone to think harder and search more toward discovering our own HOLY GRAIL, so each might be able to trade more profitably and more consistently with sustainability as well. profitable trading to everyone. :pc guru:
  2. Come on, I'll sell you my secret to trading success for only $4999.99! It's a deal, it's a steal, it's the sale of the f*%ki^! century! Everyone is eligible(even a 3yr old toddler). Buy my system and make a fortune! (please btw if anyone sees this and thinks I am actually selling a system, don't contact me. I'm not selling a system or anything- just to be 100% clear!!!!!) Another thread had me thinking again about a perpetual problem that we come across in our forums and on the internet in general. A trader noob wants success and either pays for a system or pays for an education. But what bothers me is not that people are selling services of any kind as I believe we have demonstrated elsewhere in our forums that actually there are some good vendors out there just as there are some good used car salesmen and real estate agents(please don't take offense if this is your profession- it is a stereotype which I'm merely pointing out). The thing that perplexes and even annoys me is that there are people who seem to think they can spend a couple of $k on a system or training then they will be set and be the next gazillionaire Paul Tudor Jones style trader. No offense, but wtf!? I don't get it. I really don't understand what an individual thinks they are likely to get without very much effort? If say I saw someone with a system who wanted to sell to a bank or hedgefund, I could see the advantage to the seller of that system of it being mindblowingly good(not to say it would be). Think about it. Many people before they try to trade might earn say $50, $100 or even much more per hour. At those rates, a system that sells for $5k is the equivalent of 100-200 hours. Just for illustration purposes, Gladwell in his book "Outliers" suggests it takes 10,000 hours to truly master a skill. Go figure. Even if the system is good and works and is robust enough to be productive in the future, there's this "plug and play" expectation I just can't get my head around. People buy a system or training and expect it to just work straight away!?! Well maybe the digital age has kind of messed with people's understanding that it takes hard, hard work to succeed in general. What interests me in the mindset of a person who thinks it's a good idea to pay someone in this way(don't worry I have categorically no desire to start a training or system service). So, if you have been this person in the past or now(not saying it's definitely right or wrong) then I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on why you handed over your cash. If anyone you know did this then that also qualifies. Or even if you just have an opinion. This isn't a thread for vendor bashing at all, let me make that 100% clear. But it is one to try to gain a better understanding of the psychology behind the buyer in this part of the trading industry.
  3. This is not any lead to any commercial site and is definitely not any form of spam. I respect all the policies of the forum and abide by them. Holy Grail, current edition, revealed here. A respectable 2828.33% annual rate of return NET as verified by TF profit report attached. Now you can stop spending thousands to learn methods that only place you into the 93% of traders that do not make money in the day trading market, or if you are in the 7% making money, you can start making real, time worth spending, money. Please see 5 charts attached that show the last trade of 8/17/11 and the TS profit report for the TF trading chart shown and used. See DIA30C8171. It shows the real time blue arrow that came on 3 minutes BEFORE the next trading chart real time arrow on the TFC358171 chart. That shows the 1:43 PM EST bottom buy in the TF. TFMAT8171 shows the matrix buy of that signal and TFC58171 shows the market close exit of that trade 8/17/11 for $750 / contract in the TF on this last trade for 8/17/11. TFPR8171 is the TS profit report NET of the trading chart with a NET 2828.33% AROR before filtering it with the major market chart shown. This is only an example. (A $28,283.3 return for each $1,000 NET as verified by attached TS profit report) It works in most markets. All support/resistance lines are tick accurate and are on the charts before any trade signal is given, see charts. Looking for new friends. Accountant says that 93% of all traders do not make money day trading. This method Never has lost money in any day in any tradable market. Where are all my new friends? This is my latest day 8/18. See 4 posts of 15 minute TF with current TS profit report. A respectable 1053.90% AROR for the chart shown. (THIS IS BEFORE FILTER) Charts show the tick accuracy and profit even in a down market. This is before filtering as shone earlier. Only looking for friends and there is no commercial site, so if you are looking for that, look elsewhere.
  4. Trading is a maze of different approaches, possibilities, choices and outcomes. From money management to trading psychology, the information we must process to form coherent trading methods and apply them effectively to the markets may as well be endless. This is the very reason why trading can at times be so difficult. “A series of meaningful choices”- a quote borrowed from somewhere else, I believe sums up how we strive to succeed in trading and life in general. Yet when presented with too much information and too many possible routes, how is it possible to make these “meaningful choices” (and good) on a consistent basis? I believe it’s very hard. So my approach is to distill trading into as simple objectives as reasonably possible and then look for, formulate, assess and apply methods which fulfill these objectives in a way which I can make work. So what is my “Not-So-Magic Trading Formula” I hear you ask. Well let me first make it clear that this is not some trading secrets revelation-type thread. They are ten-a-penny or a-dime-a-dozen on the net. They don’t truly exist. They never actually deliver. This is the real “holy grail” so think hard before you again dismiss the wisdom as something you can’t use to get that perfect entry time and time again. What I want to say is that there are basic areas you must work on in a structured and ordered way to enable you to trade by a full and comprehensive plan. I know this is something many do not do and so it’s important to start simply. To ensure you are able to make a “series of meaningful choices” you must cover in your plan:- Strategy- What are you trying to capitalize on specifically? How much risk is potentially associated with your plan? Typically, how often do trade opportunities show up and how frequently are they successful? Market assessment- What is the market doing at the moment? If your strategy is a bracket strategy, it’s probably not going to work very well when the market is trending. How exactly do you define specific market conditions? Trade management- Do you have rules to exit trades early? Do you have fixed or variable profit targets? Do you fully understand that in spite of having done all your research and worked out a great plan, any individual trade can look as good as anything and yet other participants ready to act can end up disagreeing on that specific trade and just because that trade doesn’t work, does mean that the strategy is rubbish? I don’t want to keep going, I just wanted to illustrate the fundamental constituents to trading so that you can decide for yourself what exactly is important to your trading and how the vast amount of information out there relates to your plan. Then maybe, just maybe you will be able to make that “series of meaningful choices”.
  5. Red Light / Green Light I have previously posted this on another thread. It was for MultiCharts. Someone asks if I can make a TradeStation version. Yes of course, here it is: This might well be the Holy Grail you have been looking for. Description: this is a MA based indicator The indicator turns green when the price is trading above the MA and turns red when the price is trading below the MA. Format Setting: set the General Style to Point, Weight to heavy For the indicator to appear on the bottom of the screen, set the scale Range to Maxium=50, Minumum=-1 For the indicator to appear on the bottom of the screen, set the scale Range to Maxium=1, Minumum=-50 You can adjust the Length of the MA period. (MC only) if you leave it at 0 (zero), the MA is automatically set to 3 periods for minute/hour/day charts and 7 periods for tick and volume charts Midrange is used to calculate the MA redlight_greenlight_(MC).txt redlight_greenlight_(TradeStation).txt
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