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  1. @katya1 what are your intentions of your post, pls? there were many good points, yet there were also numerous erroneous assumptions as well as statements. what do you intend to show, pls? BIG PLAYERS....? tsk.... tsk.... tsk.... those who are referring to big players, mostly evasive and unknown entities, are almost always virtually mostly at best.... not making it in the markets; with all due respect. it is alot easier to explain away with most excuses that.... big players here and there and everywhere.... so as a trader would not have to own up to their very own trading errors and practices or setups; again with all due respect. give us some facts and figures to substantiate what you said, K? so perhaps we could see it your way and maybe convinced it is indeed futile not to know the big players. it is known fact there are big players, but my point is, let the big players do whatever they wish; we small retail traders would just trade our own setups, perhaps.... just gathering a 1% profit per trading session.... is just aplenty for any trader.... is just my one old man's opi. again with all due respect. awaiting your substantive facts and figures, if you have time, K? thx nakachalet@gmail.com
  2. ....a Taiwanese (?) study.... can you provide that source, pls? thx nakachalet@gmail.com
  3. for some dubious reasons, many believe HOLY GRAIL exists in some shape or form or in some combination of setups but even more believe there is no such thing in trading; furthermore, the majority of traders won't care much about such nonsensical utopia. but from your personal past trading experiences, do you believe in the concept and existence of a holy grail? if a holy grail can be defined as: profitable trading theory, setup and/or indicator et al; that consistently produces profitable net profit. plse do not dwell on philosophical aspects of holy grail, which will take forever and forever to even contemplate. just from your personal past learning, searching and trading experiences and other relevant personal experiences-- :haha: is there or isn't there a sort of HOLY GRAIL in trading per definition above? with full realization that most trading forums are heavily saturated, supported, sponsored and financed et al by trading educators and trading instituions completed with prop firms, just to mention a few obvious; therefore, it is never my intention to challenge, belittle, prove or disprove the benefits of each entity. i believe, each body exits, develops and progresses accoriding to demand and supplyin that particular market. so may each entity live long and profitable as well, so many wannabe traders would benefit from your generous services. before we go on, may i assure you that this thread has nothing to sell, nothing to promote and nothing to persuade you to do or not to do anything about anything in trading or otherwise, alright. everone is free to express your hindsight or foresight in trading concept and practices involving HOLY GRAIL VIABILITY AND EXISTENCE. to be fair to everyone, i'll start out by saying that personally i do definitely believe in the existence of holy grail in various shape, form and/or combination of such. my personal belief is based primarily on the obvious evidences of the current existence of a multitude of successful traders in various markets and disciplines. we might have seen their daily real money trading accounts as they are shown on screen for every subscribers to eschew and salivate.... lol the buring question is: what is their secret or what is their HOLY GRAIL that enables them to be so consistently profitable? ANY HELP HERE, PLS? :crap: thx much for your time and indulgence everyone. hopefully, this thread will stimulate everyone to think harder and search more toward discovering our own HOLY GRAIL, so each might be able to trade more profitably and more consistently with sustainability as well. profitable trading to everyone. :pc guru:
  4. are you trying to find someone to pay for what you showed here?
  5. for pleasure and entertainment only, no trading value whatever, implied or otherwise.
  6. Re: Anyone Has Better Setups Than These....?


    Hi -


    I love the indicator,it appears to do what others don't.


    Do you think revealling the name would really change any thing for you?


    As you well know, traders tend to alter code because...

  7. hi jay


    r u still trying to trade to make some extra money?


    nakachalet at gmail dot com

  8. hi dragon987


    r u still active in trading to date?


    saw your post couple of yrs ago.


    thx, not mean to pry.

  9. @steve46 did you just say about 7 probable profitable trades a day? Ah Haa, it must be my lucky day again.... LOL you just independently confirmed my attachments to previous poster. take a look if you have time. have a great and profitable trading day, steve; and everyone else. nakachalet@gmail.com
  10. it is such a general myth that traders must glue their noses and eyes to their screen from beginning to closing hours during trading hours of whatever exchanges and locations in order to make a comfortable living. in real life, such is never the case. think for a second, for yourself and for your own benefit--just where does a trader get the idea that you must glue yourself to your trading screens all the time? mostly, this idea is generated from other traders, more probably from trading gurus somewhere of some seeming authority stating that in order to make a comfortable living trading gc, cl, tf, 6e and whatever; trader must diligently apply himself/herself to the point of lunacy, in order to be profitable. and if any trader wishes to be more consistently profitable, he/she must devote and apply himself/herself even more seriously in this trade. you are correct my trading friend, sergso. what you said is what have been going around for years and years.... without any rebuttal.... L O L if you have time, just take a look at the following attachments, perhaps, they might convince some traders to think otherwise, K? the attachments are the partial records of executed trades that were placed only in the morning sessions in the u.s. perhaps, it was lady luck, just perhaps.... have a wonderfully profitable trading coming up week, everyone. have fun and enjoy your trading spending as many hours as you deem most profitable, K? nakachalet@gmail.com
  11. that showed just what you do not know at all, absolutely nothing, about kiwi--the wizard....! if you wish to learn how to trade for a living, there is really no need to cross so many people up.... stu....
  12. seconded your motion and notice. how contradictory one can be without one realizing it! you, kiwi, from across the ocean who used to hang around early in the morning with tonyuk et al, many many moons ago and with 7traders, doing the currencies and stuff.... ?
  13. a profitable trade secret is revealed at no charge at Traders Lab.... thx hunter1, again.
  14. you are so very kind, indeed. and that impresses me to no end as well. most traders, myself in particular, just have not cultivated that standard of excellence as yet..... lol
  15. just as suspected, his ulterior motive has been exposed, mostly by himself saying excuse me plse.... good job.... BrunoHammerstorm and thx
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