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  1. For him it was both. He had switched to trend trading larger lots before I was booted. However he till calls the "DOM" type trades on a one lot which he claims 1m on the CL in a year. For a time while I was there his win rate was better than 90%. I totally agree with you there are other ways to boost returns. Increasing lot size for one. But the average rookie trader is destroyed by losses even if they win 60% of the time. They want 100% wins. So they seek whoever promises this stuff. The guy that orginally claimed he was just trading from a DOM demos for free in a free room I would post it but the the dud guy would be all over me for trying to sell something. Next I have been following this guy for 2+ years now. For most people he would be a waste of time. As he does not teach, explain anything, and if he thinks you are catching on he boots you. As he did to me. Good luck, the best traders develop their own indepentant systems. Following someone will always be a mistake.
  2. Sorry I have not got a posting message for months. I was sort of hoping this thread would go dead, as it has attracted a lot of crazy people with axes to grind. The dud guy being one. Thank you for your volume at price method. I tried that and it left as much margin of error as any other method. The guy that i had spoken of no longer claims to use just a dom. He till does the same thing every day in a free room. I have been banned from this room as I accussed him of not really trading. Revelations: volume is not a consideration when trading without a chart or with a chart for that matter. It may be that one can trade just from a DOM but it is so much easier and faster to have a chart assist you. Trading from just a DOM is not the holy grail Time is not as important as we are lead to believe.
  3. I wish I would have posted the orginal question differently. Instead of "is trading off just the DOM possible" It should have read "How does one trade using just the DOM?" For those that posted that way I wish to thank you all. For the rest I hope you did not waste too much of your time. The fact is trading just using the DOM is possible but not easy. Looking at a chart provides so much more information at a glance than any DOM. Get your action numbers from a chart then close down the chart and wait for your numbers to show up on the DOM. Then take the advise of a good floor trader and learn to read the BID Ask to sharpen your entry if that helps you. In my research I found that most traders that claimed to trade from just the DOM always used some other additional information as well. Think algos. Think open close or many others. Good trading to all
  4. I just found all your stuff, and like your style, A modern day Jesse Livermore. Well done.The DOM stands depth of market and is the standard order entry platform for something like ninja trader or trader X. It generally does not show as much information as the tape.The more I research the subject the more I have to agree it is the tape/dom and something else. I have traded from just a spread sheet updated real time by an esignal feed. But found that it much like market delta [ for those reading this, do a google search. you may like it if you do not know what Mk delta is]. Both those entry systems market delta and the tape produce entries but as your videos show they can be fake outs. And next thing you know you are back to scalping. Ok mindset is the major part of trading but not the part I want to get into on this thread. In hindsight everyone would agree that in any given day there is one entry that is the best for the period. Pivots, S-R lines, VWAP or what have you can all give clues as to where the next turning point could be. But if they nail it , generally speaking it is more an accident than a fact. Maybe the forementioned and the tape is the best we have to go on. I have seen the enevlop pushed. Turning points are nailed in both small and larger time frames. If you have any trading ability at all, these numbers jump out at you. Maybe it is the use of an algo that makes the different. I do know that the random market theory is just a bunch of BS put upon new traders by trainors who need an excuse as to why they cannot trade. The MK has structure. Can you see this structure just using the tape/dom in real time without ever including historial data? I at present cannot see how it is done. I am not a good tape reader but I just pull up a 3sec chart and I have much the same thing in visual format. I have to use S and R just like other traders. I thank you so much for your clear input. Trading from just price alone may turn out to be a dead end. But the discovery process has made me a better trader
  5. Trading raw You sound like the only person who might even have a clue as to what I was asking. The best I could come up was it was the dom and something else. It is a well known fact that a command of tape reading can really help you decide wheter or not your picked number is going to work or not. This guy claims to only use the DOM and NOTHING else. Most amazing is the fact he is not a scalper like most tape reader I have seen. 100 ticks + is usual for this method. I would love to know how see a pattern like that in a DOM. Ok I know MK delta and that can be helpful if one cannot read the tape. But I can look a chart and get the same results. He does not worry about pivot , open closes , VWAP, etc. But all majot turning points are identified in advance. As any good trader knows a pivot for example is an area where a reaction can happen. This method is far more accurate. It does not need any volume to work either, just pure price. Any help or direction in seeing a pattern on the tape /dom would be be very much appreciated.
  6. day trade Jesse was a superior tape reader. He could remember the numbers and knew where to play them. He also lost alot. This board may very well be anal for some of the members. Even suggesting that you do not need a chart full of incidators or even a naked chart will draw out the worst in people. No this is not Kingfish lol or any kind of fish. As I said a few times before he is not selling anything, not promoting anything, and not asking anything from us at all. In fact he goes out of his way to make sure his method is not discovered. I have watched him for months for free. All calls in actionable real time so if you can trade you could take the call. Every day I see people come and go trying get a handle on what is going on. If you are normal trader used to pivots MACD or any other manner of incidator you will not be able to even follow. If you pimple charts [ small time charts] even naked you will not have a clue. The most fun are the ones that think they know everything about trading and go on the attack after about an hour. We ask them to post their trades. Then he blows them away. Some of them can actually trade well but none even remotely close. If you can't see a reason for at least some of the numbers he calls I believe you should not be trading. What happens when you follow correctly, is you start to see the chart in much different fashion Cont in reply to trding raw
  7. I was trying to remember what advise the Dud sry I meant Dude gave me. So I looked. I found that I purposely ingored it as not being useful. The Dude appears to be a want a be trader that only gives comments that make himself feel better. I await his next assinine comments to see much further this thread can sink into the pit.
  8. Hi EMG thanks for responding. I get trading with charts and even word of mouth. But how do you trade just using the DOM and nothing else? MightyMouse gave what may turn out to be the most correct answer. However if you ever get a chance to sit with or watch a trader who just uses numbers do so. It will make you a better trader. Aside from the naysayers misfits and traders with blinders on, The search has been very rewarding.
  9. Some people are smarter and better than others . Mighty you fit there. Thanks
  10. Hi Hunter I hear you trade just using the DOM and no other information. If this true you are certianly at the head of the class. Can you let me know if this is true. And maybe stear me in the right direction to do the same,


    Thanks Ernie

  11. I knew this reply would bring out the people with chips on their shoulders. The cry babies, the trading misfits who bully without contributing a single thing to the discussion. And Sir Kiwi my guess is you cannot trade. Traders that can trade don't get upset at comments like mine. LOL Please help me and direct me to the place where I can end this thread. LOL LOL LOL
  12. Blow at the risk of having my head chopped off in this forum. I am till following that guy. No strings no charge, only examples by which he expects you to learn yourself. He is the best I have ever seen. No body on this site comes remotely close. I should have framed my question " How do you trade JUST USING the dom" And maybe this would have gone alot better.
  13. newportbeachdude I truly thank you for a normal answer. I was begining to think the question was too difficult to get straight forward answer. Your was the most interesting I recieved. I commend your group. I heard about the spreaders who work at contract rollovers but I never thought to apply it on a regular basis. Well done.
  14. Wiz you sound like a guy who actually took the time to put together a trading program before they started trading. That is how it is best done. But for most people sim trading and real life trading are not remotely the same. I deal with rookies every day and I can tell you after a point sim trading does not help them. You can play virual Tennis or you can get out there and hit a real ball. In tennis as in any real sport and trading requires 10,000 hours under pressure. Can you become a doctor playing or watching a video? I do not suggest losing large amounts of money to learn. A 500.00 dollar FX acount , trading .10 cents a pip will do just fine. I also suggest that if it takes you more than 2-4 weeks to trust your trading system, you may have the wrong one for you. If you can not explain your entry and exits to your 10 -12 year old child you have the wrong one. Last if a new trader does not have a good money management system in place no amount of sim trade will help you.
  15. The only thing a demo account is good for is learning the platform. And maybe checking out your new system for a short period of time. Just about everyone who stays on sim for more than 2-4 weeks never learns to trade well. Suggestion just trade FX with a mirco mini account. Hard to hurt yourself but real money on the line.
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