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    Inside my values they find the honesty, the sincerity, the service and the transparency; which have helped me to support good interpersonal relations and to enrich furthermore my personal and professional life.
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  1. $NAKD crazy, might as well start loading up. Anytime good pr comes it goes over 2. Guess I'll be enlarging my bag along this journey.
  2. $FNMA Love when all the negative folks come on, means the stock is about to turn higher. Just like when all the bullish SA crap hits at $4+
  3. $PANW Alright I think I am going to buy 200 shares and sell some covered calls at a price I am comfortable with. The rest will be strangled.
  4. $TSLA Tesla is replacing gas stations knowing that all cars will be electric..thats what supercharger station 2X is for and will double 2020
  5. $TSLA You know it is time to pull out of a stock and sell your shares when pumpers promote bad investment habits like "don't use stops".
  6. $FB why stress out Guys? Just buy now and sell at 155 in 1-3 weeks. Easy trade. Holding LT is good too. Lol just buy, you'll make money.
  7. $TTWO I feel like this is an overreaction to a delayed game, tomorrow is the real deciding factor, unless bad spec, I don’t know why it’s down
  8. $FB just not sure why we don’t have any runs with this stock anymore...it used to move so much more than this and it has so much pressure now
  9. $LMT I think this is undervalued but not as much as First Solar after the $1B deal with Apple. Lockheed is not as undervalued as First Solar.
  10. $AMD Watch out for the Fear Monger's trying to scare you out saying the markets are going to pull back and going to $9. There are no issues.
  11. $TSLA Continuing to make a move off bottom of consolidation channel...Bulls watch for break of $318 on HEAVY VOLUME
  12. $AMD So those who bought and sold on the rumors are probably not in anymore. Time for us who believe in this company to hold.
  13. $BBRY Another 4% day and we are at 10. Barring any news, I don't expect it to come easy. Unless our big boy spender steps up. And he may.
  14. $SNAP anyone that got in below 20 bucks, congrats. that was a deal for this stock... this is bigger than FB
  15. $TSLA has the largest short position in U.S. market and "The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.".
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