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  1. John Gold

    USDJPY Discussions

    I think that USDJPY is going to reverse down and then makes anew high for a final top.
  2. Looks like a bigger correction is coming for SPX in early September, wave 5 of 5 should end early next week.
  3. Looks like there is more downside coming according to elliott waves: http://tradermc.com/market-update-aug-11/
  4. GDX broke out of a bullish falling wedge and GDXJ is about to do the same. I am keeping my long positions.
  5. Gold broke out of a wedge pattern today, higher price is in the cards in my opinion
  6. Trader mc also says that a turning point could come very soon, late july or early august: Gold Projection by the Golden Ratio - Trader MC
  7. I think that gold will break out of the base pattern very soon, it could send gold to a level of $1500-1600
  8. Gold just took out the $1350 resistance and should now reach $1430.
  9. I found an interesting article with great charts that is showing investors coming into gold. I think gold price entered a new intermediate uptrend.
  10. Gold and silver reached their bottoms early July. Many traders have been looking this very closely: http://www.screencast.com/users/Tradermc_Cycles/folders/Default/media/5e1c94b9-daa8-49a6-a7d7-63206d92421b http://www.screencast.com/users/Tradermc_Cycles/folders/Default/media/76cabb94-60d7-438e-803f-6123b5681843 I find it interesting that the metal bottoms 2 months before the war announcement...
  11. Hi, it looks like that the miners and Gold bottomed in early July. This intermediate move should last about 10 more weeks, I will keep all my position in this sector during all this intermediate trend. Good trades to all!
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